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Core Values

Assets:  We all have talents.  We all have strengths.  Everyone has something to offer that contributes to the strength of our community.  Everyone has value.  We are all assets.  

Equality:  Equality is at the heart of every time exchange.  One hour of service equals one hour of credit, or one time dollar.   

Reciprocity:  Time exchange is a two-way street. Giving and receiving are equally important; there is no neediness. Accountability and reciprocity create balance. 

Redefining Work:  The work of building community is beyond price.  Work is redefined to include activities that recognize and support the value of individuals and families, create healthy neighborhoods and communities, make our democracy more effective, and advance social justice.  We honor and reward this work through giving and receiving of our time and talents. 

Respect:  Everyone matters.  By engaging with others from an attitude of interest and respect we learn and grow; we develop new friendships and community strengthens.

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One Equal Share, a Time Exchange,

is committed to Building Community –

Member to Member

Neighborhood to Neighborhood

Friend to New Friend

Business and Non-Profit

We act in collaboration to support a strong and vibrant network

Of the People that make up our Home.

We all have talents.

We all have value.

We make our community better by helping each other.

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One Equal Share

Policies & Procedures

Effective 8/20/16

Table of Contents

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Principles and Core Values
  3. The Membership Process
  4. Member Rights & Responsibilities
  5. Time Exchange Etiquette
  6. Requesting & Completing Exchanges
  7. Crediting Hours
  8. Inactive Status, Excessive Debt Hours, Transfers, Suspensions, & Removal
  9. Events, Projects & Programs
  10. Member Directory
  11. Liability
  12. Privacy



  1. Mission Statement

One Equal Share., a Time Exchange, is a member-based time bank.  We are committed to building a stronger, more vibrant community through time exchange and collaboration with individual, business and non-profit members.  By fully embracing ideas of balance, accountability, reciprocity, and respect, we create and facilitate new networks for members to serve, share and interact with each other, care for our community and environment, and support social justice.

  1. Principles and Values

Members must understand, agree to, and reflect the Principals and Core Values of Time Exchange.


     One Equal Share, a Time Exchange,

is committed to Building Community –

Member to Member

Neighborhood to Neighborhood

Friend to New Friend

Business and Non-Profit

We act in collaboration to support a strong and vibrant network

Of the People that make up our Home.

We all have talents.

We all have value.


We make our community better by helping each other.

              Core Values:

Assets: We all have talents. We all have strengths. Everyone has something to offer that contributes to the strength of our community. We all have value.  We are all assets. 

Equality: Equality is at the heart of every time exchange. One hour of service equals one hour of credit, or one time dollar.

            Reciprocity: Time exchange is a two-way street. Giving and receiving are equally important; there is     no neediness.  Accountability and reciprocity create balance.

Redefining Work: The work of building community is beyond price. Work is redefined to include activities that recognize and support the value of individuals and families, create healthy neighborhoods and communities, make our democracy more effective, and advance social justice. We honor and reward this work through giving and receiving of our time and talents.

Respect: Everyone matters. By engaging with others from an attitude of interest and respect we learn and grow; we develop new friendships and community strengthens.


  1. The Membership Process

Prospective Members of One Equal Share must complete an Application for Membership (available online or by hard copy), provide two (2) references, and submit payment of a non-refundable, annual membership fee with their application.  Prospective Members are checked against the National Sexual Predator List, and may be subject to criminal background checks. One Equal Share reserves the right to decline an applicant for membership at its sole discretion.  Certain verifications may require additional expense that may be passed on to the prospective member.  Where such information falls under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you are entitled, upon your request in writing, to receive a copy of the report received by One Equal Share.

Once verifications are completed, new members will be invited to complete Orientation within the following 90 days.  If Orientation is not completed within this period the application will be withdrawn.  Once Orientation has been completed new members will be provided with access to the exchange site, and authorization to enter into exchanges with other members. 

Members must also sign an acknowledgment and acceptance of these Policies and Procedures.  The most current version of our Policies and Procedures will be posted on the website for easy reference and may be updated from time to time.  Members will be notified of any such changes and are deemed to agree to and accept them.  Any member who does not accept the Policies and Procedures in full should notify One Equal Share and resign their membership. 

Membership renews annually; and consists of:

  1.  Two (2) time credits that are deducted automatically from your statement balance on the first day of your renewal month.  These hours are required of all members individually, including family members and employees of Sustaining Members.  Members receive notification of the transaction by email from hOurWorld. These hours support the service provided by Coordinators and others who help to run our Time Exchange successfully.  They create reciprocity and balance between members and One Equal Share as an organization.  
  1. An annual membership fee [Individuals: $35, Families: $55, Sustaining Members: As Invoiced (Includes employee member renewals)] is due by the end of your renewal month.  In addition to the email notification from hOurWorld, the member will receive a reminder invoice from One Equal Share by email.  Payment can made by

Members who do not contact us or complete the membership renewal process in the first 30 days will be set as inactive in the member exchange system and all offers and requests will be suspended.  If renewal isn’t received within 60 days (unless other arrangements have been made) the member will be deleted from the system and all hours the member has accrued will be returned to the system.  If the member wants to renew within the following year they will be required to bring their membership fee current, sign an updated Policies and Procedures agreement and update all contact information in our system. 

Remember, we count on individual and family member renewals to help with basic operating expenses and to grow our organization.  Membership fees cover things like internet and website expenses, licensing fees, printer ink and paper, and phone lines.  Sustaining Member renewals support larger critical needs.  Please renew your membership promptly to keep our organization strong.  This is your Time Exchange and we count on you to help to make it all it can be.  

An Applicant is not a Member until accepted as a Member by One Equal Share.  One Equal Share reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason.  Membership or advertising in One Equal Share or through its affiliates shall not be deemed to constitute a joint venture or ownership in One Equal Share.  Membership is provided on an ‘As Is, As Available’ basis. Availability of particular services for exchange is not guaranteed.  Although One Equal Share may regulate activities and transactions, One Equal Share is not responsible for the performance or quality of any transaction or interactions originating or derived through membership.  One Equal Share expressly waives any and all responsibility for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting from, arising out of, or any way related to the activities by you or any other member or user, originating from or derived through transactions or interactions from membership in One Equal Share.


  1. Member Rights & Responsibilities

Members have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.  This means taking the Golden Rule to heart:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  This ethic of reciprocity is found in cultures all around the world.

Members should always act responsibly and with integrity; and put forth their best efforts in any exchange, activity, or event in connection with One Equal Share. It is our time to shine. Why should we do anything less?

Members should engender trust.  Time Exchange creates and develops supportive, helpful, sharing and caring relationships.  We are creating new social safety networks.  We are building community. 

Members understand that in the course of an exchange they may become privy to personal, confidential, or other information of a private nature regarding a member they are exchanging with.  Examples might include health care exchanges, exchanges involving legal or financial assistance, or operational support service to One Equal Share, but may apply in other exchange situations as well.  Members agree to honor and maintain a high degree of confidentiality in all exchanges, whether or not requested by the recipient of a service, however Members acknowledge and agree that there may not be legally recognized confidentiality and are advised to be discrete with and conceal their private and personal information. 

Members are responsible for maintaining an accurate account. Check your balance periodically and make sure all your exchanges have been properly recorded.  It is also important to maintain current contact information.  Inform your Coordinator about changes in your status.  Updated profiles are imperative for effectively facilitating exchanges. For example we don’t want to refer anyone to an inactive member, or to a member who has moved and is no longer in best proximity for an exchange, or for a service you no longer want to provide. 

It is generally the responsibility of the person providing a service to post the hours agreed to for an exchange.  Exceptions include:

·  The provider does not have internet access or computer capability, so your Coordinator posts the      hours

·  Hours earned in support of One Equal Share or its sponsored events are posted by authorized One Equal Share staff.  Members must sign in and out at events for credit. 

·  Special rules may apply to Sustaining Members for posting hours to ensure responsibility and accountability.


Any Member offering driving services must be at least 25 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and proof of automobile insurance as required by law.  Member drivers must have a good driving history and be in good health.  Drivers with serious moving violations or accidents will not be permitted to enter into exchanges offering driving services for time dollar credit. Additional fees may apply for DMV verification.

A parent, legal guardian, or other adult authorized in writing by the parent or legal guardian, is responsible for and must supervise any exchanges arranged with any minor included in the parent’s or legal guardian’s family membership.  A copy of any authorization must be on file with One Equal Share.


Individual and Family memberships are effective the first of the month following Orientation and are renewable annually.  Memberships for those who are sponsored as employees of a Sustaining Business or Non-Profit Member are effective the first of the month following Orientation and are effective through the remainder of the Sustaining Members commitment.  An employee’s membership will renew for 12 months when the Sustaining Member renews. 

Family membership includes up to two (2) adults, and children up to age 19 living in the same home.  Additional adults in a family can join as individual members. Family members of sponsored employees may be included for an additional annual fee. 

Members are required to promptly advise One Equal Share of any significant changes such as family membership status,  any negative driving record if offering driving services (other than parking tickets), and/or  any misdemeanor or criminal infractions or convictions.


  1. Time Exchange Etiquette

            We are creating community.  Through our time exchanges we are creating a network of new friends and                       support that were previously missing in our lives.  It is important that we keep this in mind as we initiate and                 respond to exchange requests. 

·  Respond to all requests within 48 hours, even if it is to say you are unavailable to make the exchange.  This allows the other party to move on to another option.  If an exchange can’t be completed as arranged, the parties should contact each other as soon as possible.  This includes being late, or the need to change or postpone an exchange for cause. 

·  Post exchanges promptly after an exchange is completed.

·  Post your comments about the success of an exchange.  This will help other members when they are deciding whom to exchange with.

·  If an exchange has been unsatisfactory, try first to discuss it with the party involved.  If that is unsuccessful, contact your Coordinator to assist with a resolution that is agreeable to both the giver and receiver. Remember we offer exchanges in a neighborly fashion with the idea of sharing our time and talents.  No one intends to offer inferior service; what one member considers ‘unsatisfactory’ may simply be a preference in style, or may have been a bad day for the provider.

·  It is not acceptable to bad-mouth, gossip, threaten, act in a disrespectful or violent manner towards another member, or intentionally take or damage another member’s property.  Such behavior may be grounds for suspension or removal from One Equal Share.


  1. Requesting & Completing Exchanges

Most exchanges are made through our website: and the Time and Talents software.  Members may also meet at a One Equal Share event, or arrange exchanges through connections made on our FaceBook or LinkedIn pages, or through Twitter.  Once possible matches are found members connect via phone, email, or other preferred contact method to discuss the exchange.  It is important to include any particular requirements such as who will pay for and provide any related supplies, number of anticipated hours, and any mobility, language, or transportation issues, allergies, or other concerns.  Where a member does not have computer access or capability to initiate an exchange, the member may contact their Coordinator who can suggest exchange contacts.  It is still the member’s responsibility to contact the other parties potential to the exchange. 

It is highly recommended that members attend One Equal Share ‘Getting-to-Know-You’ potlucks and events, and support projects offered by our Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members.  Use these opportunities to get to know other members personally.  We are about building friendships and support systems for ourselves and our families, creating sustainable neighborhoods, and strengthening community.  The One Equal Share web site, software, and social media resources are tools, but it is our members who are our real assets.  It is important for us all to step up and engage.  Getting to know other members personally will make for stronger exchanges and empower our community. 

What if we have an idea for an exchange that is not listed in the Time and Talents software?  As membership grows, so will the scope and availability of exchange opportunities between members.  If a type or category of exchange is not currently listed in our exchange software, contact your Coordinator at  Some new ideas can be approved and quickly added to the system, others will require the consideration of management.  Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members should contact to recommend or offer projects or programs for member participation and exchange.  One Equal Share reserves the right to deny certain types of exchanges for time dollar credit at its sole discretion. 

Exchanges must be legal in the community where they occur.  Any exchanges found to be improper or illegal will be reviewed and may be grounds for suspension or immediate removal from One Equal Share.  Serious infractions could subject the member or former member to legal action by One Equal Share. One Equal Share reserves the right to report any suspected illegal activity to authorities. 


  1. Crediting Hours

Hours are credited on the members-only exchange site at: .  The rule of thumb in a time exchange is 1=1.  One hour of service = One hour of credit, also known as one time dollar.  Hours may be broken down into 15 minute intervals.  Once an exchange is agreed to and completed, it is typically the provider who reports the exchange in the Time and Talents software.  Where a providing member does not have computer access or capability, and when agreed to in advance, the recipient may post the hours exchanged after completion of the service.  If necessary, arrangements can also be made with your Coordinator to post the transaction.

Occasionally the question of how many hours to exchange is not clear cut. 

Example 1:
A member requests pet care services while they are out of town for 3 days.  Does the provider then receive a full 72 hours for the service or is something less more reasonable for the actual amount of time spent in the care of the pet?  This is something that needs to be agreed upon in advance of the care.  If the situation were a child, would 72 hours be exchanged; or allowing for sleep time or time in school, would something less be agreed to?  Again, this should be clearly determined before the exchange begins. 

Example 2:
What about teaching a class or leading a group project?  Does the teacher or leader receive 1 hour from every participant when they are only leading the class or project for 1 hour?   One Equal Share has adopted a policy on this matter that follows protocol from other time exchanges.  In such cases the teacher/leader can receive 1 time dollar for hours involved in preparation, class/project time, and transportation to and from the class/project ie. a 1 hour class could net the teacher/leader 4 time dollars.  If the teacher/leader as 4 attendees the exchange is even – each student is offering 1 hour to the teacher.  If the teacher/leader has 3 attendees, the teacher/leader receives 3 time dollars.  If the teacher/leader has 6 attendees, the additional 2 hours are credited to One Equal Share.  One Equal Share then uses the hours to balance hours paid to members who help in the office, with technical support or other business services needed to keep our organization running smoothly.  Members who want to teach a class or lead a group project should discuss the arrangement with One Equal Share in advance of the project. This way the number of hours can be agreed upon and the class or project approved for offer to the membership. 

Example 3:
What about exchanging items for time dollars?  Some time banks do allow this type of exchange.  Examples include a community ‘sale’ where items are exchanged for time dollars, or where businesses have offered rebuilt computers to students who successfully mentored a younger student through the school year, or where a bag of groceries was offered in addition to time dollars for helping with the packing and distribution of food to those in need.  One Equal Share has taken the position that some of these exchanges are in a gray area, perhaps more closely aligned to a barter situation.  While we are not opposed to members receiving a gift, such as the computer or bag of groceries examples, it should be in addition to the sharing of time and talents, rather than the sole purpose of the exchange. 

Barter is legally and technically different than Time Exchange.  We do not value our services with any dollar amount, nor do we exchange products for time dollar credit.  There is also no requirement that because I provide a service to you, that you provide a service for me, and within a particular time period.  These things represent a verbal contract and as such have been deemed taxable as barter by the IRS.  Take care to understand these differences so as not to jeopardize the rest of our membership.  For members interested in barter, One Equal Share is happy to refer you to a barter organization.  There is no reason members cannot utilize both of these systems, but barter is disallowed within the One Equal Share platform. 

Current policy is that this example does not apply to exchanges where a member has committed their time and talent in the creation of an item, such as arts, crafts, or other projects.  Such exchanges can be made for the time it took the member to create the piece.  The member may also choose to be reimbursed for supplies used in creation of the item or project.

Please bring your ideas for any unlisted or unusual exchanges exchange to the attention of your Coordinator for consideration and approval by management.


  1. Inactive Status, Excessive Debt Hours, Transfers, Suspensions, & Removal

Inactive Status:  Membership in the Time Exchange is valid for one year, or as otherwise noted for first-year sponsored employee members (see Member Rights and Responsibilities above).  Membership fees must be current for access to the software and to make exchanges for time dollar credit.  Additionally a minimum of six (6) hours (6 time dollars earned) of service must be provided per person to other members in the 12-month period to remain in active status.  Of these two (2) hours per person are donated back to One Equal Share to maintain balance in the system.  Members who do not meet these requirements will be moved to ‘Inactive’ status in the system and will not be able to engage in new exchanges until the situation is rectified.  Members who have a physical or financial hardship and wish to make other arrangements should contact their Coordinator at:

Excessive Debt Hours: To effect any exchange one party or the other needs to be the first receiver.  That means they will start in a ‘debt’ position.  This is OK.  In some cases a member may need a service from another member that simply takes more time than their current time dollar balance.  When such an arrangement is accepted in integrity this too is OK.  The receiver simply holds the intention to provide their service to another member as soon as is reasonable.  Sometimes illness or incapacity puts a member in a position of not being able to keep their account in balance.  This too may be OK.  In some such cases other members may donate their extra hours for the benefit of the person in debt.  In other cases it may be appropriate to suspend a membership until balance can be regained.  Anyone having a debt balance in excess of 40 hours however, should expect a call from their Coordinator to discuss the circumstances.  In no case will a member be allowed to act only as a receiver of services or only as a giver of services.  Accountability and reciprocity are key tenets of Time Exchange. 

Transfer:  What if I move?  If you move to an area where there is another time exchange, it is possible that your accrued time dollars will be accepted for credit in your new community.  This would happen at the discretion of your new affiliation.  It is our intention at One Equal Share to expand to other communities and to other states.  At that time, your credits with One Equal Share would be easily transferable to your new community.  If there is no existing membership in your new area, we would be happy to work with you to develop Time Exchange in your new home.  In such case your membership may be changed to Inactive status until a minimum number of neighbors are ready to participate. 

What if I die?  Time dollar credits cannot be willed.  Time dollar credits of Individual Members who die will be returned to One Equal Share.  Time dollar credits accrued to a deceased family member who is part of a Family Membership can be dispersed to surviving family members at the discretion of One Equal Share.

Suspension: A Member’s status may be changed to ‘Suspended’ for illegal or inappropriate behaviors, or for taking actions not in accordance with One Equal Share’s Policies and Procedures, as determined by One Equal Share, in its sole and absolute discretion.  There is no refund of any part of the membership fee, and any hours credited to the Member will be returned to One Equal Share.

Removal:  A Member’s status may be changed to ‘Removed’ for more serious illegal or inappropriate behaviors, or for not acting in accordance with One Equal Share’s Policies and Procedures, as determined by One Equal Share, in its sole and absolute discretion, or for excessive periods of Inactive or Suspended status, or at the request of the Member for any reason.  There is no refund of any part of the membership fee, and any hours credited to the Member will be returned to One Equal Share.


  1. Events, Projects & Programs

             One Equal Share intends to add value towards the goal of building community by hosting and coordinating a                variety of events, projects, and programs for Member participation.  Events may include such items as                        monthly ‘Getting-to-Know-You’ potlucks, Orientation meetings, holiday parties, and fundraisers.  Projects may              include community outreach, a community garden, or clean up campaigns, and projects posted by our                          Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members. Programs may include classes and collaborative efforts for the              betterment of our community designed with our Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members. 

  1.  Member Directory

All Members will have access to a Member Directory through the Time and Talent software.  Use is restricted to arranging member exchanges and for use by One Equal Share for member business.  Members may not use information in the Membership Directory for commercial solicitation or marketing purposes without express permission of One Equal Share or the other member(s) involved.  Any outside sales, solicitation, or marketing arrangement made with another member may not suggest endorsement or agreement by One Equal Share. Members may not use the Membership Directory for spam or malicious activity under any circumstance.  Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members may contact Members who have participated in collaborative projects with those businesses where the Member has agreed to such outside contact. 


11.   Liability

References are required of all applicants and all references are checked.  All applicants are checked against the national sexual predator list.  Members requiring extra assurances as to another members’ character and/or capabilities are encouraged to ask any and all questions that are important to them in advance of an exchange.  Members are also encouraged to meet other members in person at One Equal Share events; and use discernment and proper judgment when determining which members offer the best exchange opportunities for their needs.  In future, One Equal Share may offer a more complete background check option for members for an extra fee. Members with high concerns will then be encouraged to exchange only with those members who have completed that process.  One Equal Share offers no guarantees as to the number of members that would choose this option.  Likewise One Equal Share does not guarantee the quality of any member exchange or the number of exchanges a member may receive in the course of their membership.  However where an exchange is considered unsatisfactory by a member, reasonable efforts will be made to rectify the situation to the satisfaction of both parties.

Members understand and agree that exchanges are made voluntarily, in a ‘neighborly’ fashion, and in good faith.  One Equal Share, Inc., its owners, officers, employees and/or staff (collectively ‘Staff’) are not responsible for any bodily injury, accident, or property damage that may occur during the course of a member exchange or event.  Members agree that for themselves, their next of kin, heirs, administrators, and executors (collectively ‘Releasors’) to release, hold harmless, and covenant not to file suit, countersuit, claim or any other action against One Equal Share, Inc. or its Staff for any injuries or damage suffered in connection with member exchanges and/or activities associated with One Equal Share.  This includes, but is not limited to, personal injury or damage suffered by Members whether such losses, liabilities, or claims are caused by contact with and/or the actions of other persons, contact with fixed or non-fixed objects, negligence of the releasees, risks not known to the Member or not reasonably foreseeable at the time, or otherwise.  In the event any claim or action is threatened or filed against One Equal Share or its Staff, Member hereby indemnifies One Equal Share and its Staff for all costs to defend such claim or action, including, without limitation, the attorney’s fees and costs.


  1.  Privacy

Member contact and other information is provided for the sole use of One Equal Share, and to enable exchanges between its members.  Member information will not be sold.  Certain information gathered as part of the application process (such as age, sex, ethnicity, general income levels), and certain types of exchanges may be used for data gathering and grant applications.  Individual names are not referenced in such cases.  

Social security numbers and specific financial information are not requested for participation in One Equal Share unless 1) Member requests a more in-depth background check, 2) in cases where an applicant has a common name, or 3) when it is determined that information received in a verification may not in fact belong to the applicant and further confirmation is required.  In such case, One Equal Share will retain only the last four (4) digits of a member’s social security number in the member’s file on completion and confirmation of verification.  

Members give their consent and permission to One Equal Share and its affiliates, successors, licensees, and assigns the irrevocable right to use, without compensation, any photographs, videotapes, or other recordings of members that are made during the course of exchanges or One Equal Share events.


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hOurworld News

hOurworld News

hOurworld Mobile Time Banking We believe in Open Innovation! We implement the best ideas of our members and coordinators. This broad based co-production model of networking and development affords us all the best tools for sustaining our local communities!

We believe in removing ALL the barriers to time banking that we can. Access to the hOurworld platform is FREE. It is easy for new members to join and learn, and easy for coordinators to manage and report on their members and activity.

We believe in supporting local diversity while maintaining a central cooperative organization to provide accessible support, training, and communications. We are documenting and teaching these models.

We believe that every member have control over their own privacy and content. We operate on private secure servers and HIPPA compliant data centers where all information is encrypted before going out on the internet.

We believe that time banking is one spoke in a wheel of Movements Moving Together. We foster local community organizations drawing together to create powerful local economies as they integrate CSA, Food Co-op, Buy Local, Transition Town, BALLE, CAP and others. The opportunities are endless!

All the Best from hOurworld

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Mission Statement

One Equal Share, a Time Exchange, is a member-based time bank. We are committed to building stronger, more vibrant community through time exchange and collaboration with individual, business and non-profit members.  Embracing balance, accountability, reciprocity, and respect, We create new networks to serve, share and interact with members, care for our community and environment, and support social justice.