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I am thrilled to announce our contest winners for ideas to increase membership in the CSTB! There were some EXCELLENT ideas submitted -I couldn't just pick one winner. We have FIVE winners! They are:

Bill Cohen
Lily Spontak
Susan Closson
Rita Haider
Donna Brooks
These 5 individuals will be getting an email about their prizes!

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Past events

APRIL 18 AT 6:30pm!!
Here's the schedule:

6:30-6:45 We will start off with a brief social time, introducing ourselves and offering any exchange items we have to offer for free.  I feel very strongly that this time to be social is hugely important to our well-being; it’s a precious time for us to greet each other and connect.  I love our community!

 The speaker is eager to share a great deal of information with us and have plenty of time for Q & A, so I would ask that we all limit our introductions and exchanges to about 2 minutes each.

6:45-7:30 The Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB) is proud to present;

Dianne Kadonaga!  Dianne will emphasize her zero waste, sustainable, regenerative, lifestyle and the edible food forest she has cultivated in her suburban backyard.  

Would you like to know how you can turn your urban grass lawn into a vibrant organic eco-system and permaculture-based edible food forest that provides food and habitat for people, pollinators, and the planet?  

Dianne only had to go grocery shopping four times in the last year as the garden provided most of her needs. She uses methods that are free or inexpensive to build soil health, fertilize, and get seeds, and she manages pests without chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, while reducing the need to water or weed. She gets to enjoy a beautiful backyard that is vibrant and full of life of bees, butterflies, insects, and other bugs, birds, and all creatures. It is a yard where all live in harmony and share in the bounty of nature.

She will also share lifestyle ideas on how to be more eco-friendly and green. 

Dianne has been featured on 10TV and Columbus Dispatch for Zero Waste Families and Eco-friendly lifestyles, and Sunny Glen Garden was presented with the GreenSpotLight award from Mayor Ginther and the City of Columbus in the small business category for demonstrating excellence in sustainable business practices. 

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Dianne Kadonaga

Sunny Glen Garden

Growing into Life's Possibilities

Creating Urban Edible Food Forests and Wildlife Habitat

3507 Sunny Glen Pl

Columbus OH 43224



Come and join us in the garden! Dianne will be taking your questions after her presentation!


Due to time constraints and the nature of the meeting, all participants will be placed on mute.  Individuals will be asked to unmute for the Q & A.  Also, please note that Dianne will be tapin the presentation and Q & A portions. 



We had a wonderful  GATHERING ON MARCH 21 at 6:30pm!!

Our presenter, Art Yoho, would like to start his presentation at 6:45, so I would ask that we all limit our introductions and exchanges to about 2 minutes each.

Art Yoho, who is working on the community solar project for the Cooke Road Corridor Renewable Neighborhood, spoke to us about his project.

Art shares, “Community driven and distributed renewable energy is a new model for electric power. It offers the ability for individuals to share in the ownership and benefits and by Doing so contribute to the common good. Caring and sharing in the context of this project has ecological, social, and economic concerns and is wide open for sharing. Practically and perhaps poetically everything we can contribute came from the Sun and now we can receive and contribute even more. This is a great time to be involved.”

Our speaker, Art, has shared a story with us.  “The Sun, caring, and sharing are topics in this document. If it is appropriately serves the audience it is offered as perspective only, not persuasion. I will only refer to it if asked and the presentation will be focused on the specifics of our neighborhood driven desire for a life style of zero emissions. “


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