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Growing local resiliency by using time as a currency.

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hOurworld News

hOurworld News

hOurworld Mobile Time Banking We believe in Open Innovation! We implement the best ideas of our members and coordinators. This broad based co-production model of networking and development affords us all the best tools for sustaining our local communities!

We believe in removing ALL the barriers to time banking that we can. Access to the hOurworld platform is FREE. It is easy for new members to join and learn, and easy for coordinators to manage and report on their members and activity.

We believe in supporting local diversity while maintaining a central cooperative organization to provide accessible support, training, and communications. We are documenting and teaching these models.

We believe that every member have control over their own privacy and content. We operate on private secure servers and HIPPA compliant data centers where all information is encrypted before going out on the internet.

We believe that time banking is one spoke in a wheel of Movements Moving Together. We foster local community organizations drawing together to create powerful local economies as they integrate CSA, Food Co-op, Buy Local, Transition Town, BALLE, CAP and others. The opportunities are endless!

All the Best from hOurworld

VTT Members-Have you been to Orientation?

If you haven't--
Please join us at a
Valley Time Trade orientation so you can get started. 

We look forward to exchanging with you!

*Keep an eye out for additional dates in different locations!*

**Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 7:00 p.m., NORTHAMPTON, Forbes Library, Watson Room, 20 West Street, Northampton, MA (more info or optional RSVP to

If you'd like to be informed of cancellations or have questions, please email:

RSVP is not necessary but please arrive on time, and plan to spend between an hour and an hour and a half.  Bring your laptop if you would like to get practice using the timebank software!

Attendance at an orientation is required for membership and participation in Valley Time Trade.
You will learn about the philosophy and history of the timebanking movement, how our timebank is organized, use of the software to post offers and requests, and how to get started as a new member. It’s a chance to get all of your questions answered!
Please note: If you do not attend an orientation within 6 months of applying online your application will be deleted. You will need to re-apply to join at a future date.