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511 W. Vine St.

Kalamazoo, MI., 49008


Rhonda Catt

Program Director

Local Exchange News

511 West Vine Street Kalamazoo MI 49001

Phone (269) 993-4397


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Kalamazoo Neighbor ExChange

Bank Your Time & Save A Dime.

KNEx, pronounced ‘connects’, is a new twist on an old idea where neighbors help neighbors with the things they need.


Here’s how the KNEx TimeBank works:

When you spend an hour doing something for a neighbor or group, you earn one Time Credit. One hour of time equals one Time Credit. Now you use your Time Credits to get the help you need from another member of KNEx.


Stanley joins KNEx and lists his offers and requests for help.

Martha contacts Stanley to do some grocery shopping,  He earns TimeCredits for helping her. Stanley spends some of his TimeCredits to have Raul paint his living room.

Others in the KNEx TimeBank are giving the help they want and getting the help they need!


KNEx is unique in that each member voluntarily offers to help someone and in return they get help from someone else. It doesn’t matter what the help given is or what help is needed because all work is based on the time given. So one hour of raking leaves can be exchanged for an hour of running errands.

What we Believe

KNEx believes that everyone has something to offer so don’t exclude yourself because you think you can’t do anything – you can. It honors the unique gifts, talents and resources that each of us has to share, regardless of age, employment or economic standing.


To become a part of this program each member will go through a training class on the policies and how to use the online software. Don’t worry if you don’t have a computer, we can match you with an online buddy. By the way, you can earn hours by being a buddy. Once you’ve learned the program, we have lots of help to get you started by offering monthly events like group projects and pot luck dinners to meet others – and earn time doing so!

For more information call 269-993-4397 or email:


Upcoming Events

New Member Orientation

When: Saturday, Nov 17th at 4pm


Where: 1009 Stockbridge Ave (lower level of the Methodist Church between Race St. and Mills St.) map

Description: Orientation is for new and existing KNEx members to review how to use the online software and to find and record exchanges. There will be an online demonstration of various transactions.

New members can fill out the online registration form

For more information email or call 269-993-4397