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Time Bank of the Rockies

It's about time, talent and community.

Please be sure to put your offers into your record -- it's a good way for others to find you when they need help.
Also, our new Executive Director, Meg Nagel, will be calling to get to know you and to hear what you think about the Time Bank of the Rockies.  What do you like?  What hasn't worked?  What ideas do you have for changes, or new diections, or tweaking what we have?


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P.O. Box 85 Montrose CO 81402

Phone (970) 964-9680


If you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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We are the premier time exchange community on the Western Slope of Colorado, currently Delta, Olathe, Montrose, Ridgway and Ouray.

Our Mission

Time Bank of the Rockies develops networks of shared time in the Montrose area which link individuals and organizations in new ways to facilitate non-money-based exchange of resources and services.

What is a Time Bank?

Time banks, also known as “time exchanges”, are about people helping other people in a system where everyone’s skills are equally valued and where everyone benefits. One hour you spend helping another creates a time credit that can be used to get help or purchase goods available from other members. Time credits can also be used to donate time to friends, family or charities.

Looking for Ideas?

Each of us has unique resources, skills and talents to share, and we can all enjoy exchanging these for the services or goods of others. The types of tasks and services that can be time-banked are virtually unlimited.  What do you like to do?  How can you share it with your fellow TBR members?

For more information contact info@timebankoftherockies.com

Make a Donation!

Donations are a wonderful way to show your support.   Every dollar donated helps us to nurture and expand this movement, which promotes equality and builds a caring community through inclusive exchange of time and talents.

You can donate by going to the home page (before you Log In). At the top left are tabs. The second one from the left is the Membership tab. Click on it and scroll down. There is a donate button in yellow.
If you scroll a little more, there are directions on how to renew under the large number “2 Renew Annual Membership Donation.” At the bottom of the directions there is a dropdown arrow that gives you options for the different membership types. Choose the one you want, click on “Pay Now,” and then choose to pay with PayPal, credit card or debit.
The directions also mention PO Box 85, Montrose, CO 81402, where you can send in a check.  If your membership is for a couple or a family, please list the names of the other people included on the notes line of your check.  That way we can credit their record as being paid.

We thank you for your support!