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ALL services offered are of the 'SAME' time value!

All Time Bank members must attend an orientation session before you will be able to start exchanging hours. At the orientation you will learn more about the Time Bank and about our online system that you will need to begin exchanging hours with other members. You will have two hours credited to your account for attending the orientation. Please call or text Joy at 530 591-5593 or Sierra at 951 833-4619 and we will make arrangements for an orientation.You can click on the "Donate" button below to pay your dues or to make a donation to the Time Bank:

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If you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Our vision at the California Northern Counties Time Bank  is a community that values everyone's skills and talents equally and where assets are utilized to ensure everyone's needs are met. We envision an empowering and welcoming community, which is built through strong connections and relationships where all are respected.

To realize this vision we promote the understanding that all work is important and should be valued equally. We help people recognize that they have much to contribute to others and facilitate connections between those who would like to give and those who have a need.  We strengthen people’s ability to meet their own needs by exchanging talents and keeping resources in the community.  We empower individuals and communities by reducing isolation and improving access to services and resources, all while having fun.

The values that drive our vision and mission are:
Inclusion – welcoming all in the community to share talents and interests, with a special focus on including people who are often left out of community life. 
Reciprocity – acknowledging the importance of both giving and taking, valuing mutual exchange.
Interdependence – valuing the belief that we are all mutually dependent on each other, that none of us is truly independent or dependent. 
Respect – noting that healthy communities are ones where people see each others’ worth and value each other.
Social Capital – believing that improving cooperation and building networks between individuals and groups benefits all and creates stronger and healthier communities. 
Trust in one-another – knowing that we can believe in and rely on each other. 
Community – strengthening bonds between individuals and groups in the community, knowing that others are there for us.
Caring – valuing empathy and concern for each other, providing for community needs as they arise.
Integrity – engaging in our work based on our values, treating each other with tactful honesty and respect. 
The worth of all people – knowing that all people are important members of our community and have something to give.

A service exchange or time bank is a network of individual, organizational and business 'members' that provide services, track and bank their hours and then spend those hours to get their own needs met. A service exchange is NOT a barter network, since nothing is 'exchanged'. One 'member' provides a friendly, neighborly favor to another and records the time they spent doing so.