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Care and Share Time Bank

Reclaiming our local economy one exchange at a time!

Next Monthly Potluck

Sunday March 17 6:30pm, doors open at 6

  • Bring any dish to share- -we love to "break bread" together! 

  • Please label ingredients if you can

  • Bring your own place setting

Plates, Cups, Silverware, Napkins, etc.

 The March potluck will be a casual game night!  Relax and play a board game (or others) with your community!


We will have a “Sharing” table!  

Bring a gently used item for others to take, 

browse to see if there’s something you would like.


Earn Hour Credits

You can earn hours for attending, and 

more for coming at 6pm to help set up



Care and Share Time Bank Membership

Interested in joining the Care and Share Time Bank?

- Watch a video recording of an orientation meeting

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Click Become a member and fill the brief form,

then send an email to Vilvi Vannak, CSTB Board President, 

to arrange the completion of your membership application. 


Looking forward to having you be a part of our CSTB community!




CSTB in the Media

Columbus Dispatch article about CSTB


Older David Brancaccio PBS story about time banking


CSTB Collaboration Groups

If you are a CSTB member, join the conversations!

CSTB Chat Room on Facebook

Future of Your Time Bank Community on hOurworld


We will be listing a number of interesting videos that our members might enjoy.  Check out our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnM1kcFnpxXep2XRlvfnU3Q


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A GREAT link from Michael Greenman:

From Tony Budak:

Here are two expert Zoom video tutorials for beginners:

These tutorials will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Zoom, from setting up your account to joining and hosting meetings. They also cover some more advanced features, such as breakout rooms and screen sharing.





Local Exchange News


Information about the Care and Share Time Bank and Timebanking

We will be regularly talking about ways to enjoy the CSTB.

Today’s topic; business and CSTB

I’ve had a number of questions from people with businesses about how they can work with the time bank.  “Why should I give my work away?”,  “How can the CSTB help my business?”, and “ How can I get ahead by using the CSTB?” are common questions.  In today’s topic, I would like to talk about business using a time bank and address how the time bank can help a business!

The first question, about “giving something for free” ignores the basic principle of time banking -our exchanges aren’t free.  Time credit is paid!  If someone fixes your washer, you pay that person/business the needed time credits.  That person/business then can turn around and spend the time credit on something needed -website help, editing, learning a skill, etc.

A business can also potentially earn new business by offering a small discount to members.  Posting an offer for a small discount on the CSTB website can be an excellent way to spread the word about your business.  While straight-up advertising is not appropriate on our website, offering customers a discount and telling what services qualify for that discount is fine!  Getting the word out to our membership (over 440 members) is a valuable consideration!

The CSTB can also be helpful in building your company’s reputation. Many entrepreneurs lack references, experience, and a network of customers.  Being part of the time bank and offering a discount or other consideration can encourage people to come to your business and give a positive review.

Another common technique for businesses is to offer X number of services for a time credit exchange per time frame. For example, a massage therapist can offer two massages for time credits per month, but that’s all.  In this way, the massage therapist can tell everyone in the CSTB about their business, can get the added benefits of being in the CSTB, and can still maintain their business for money.  

In the same vein, a business person could offer the first portion of a session for time credits, but work after that would be done for money.  For example, a Reiki practitioner could offer a ½ hour session for a .5 time credit, but, if the customer wants an hour session, the customer would have to pay cash for the additional time.

Remember, it is FREE for a business to join the CSTB. On the application, the first question asks for the membership type -the business applicant just selects “Business” on the drop down menu. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at csgeneral27@gmail.com.


City-wide free composting!

Columbus now offers free composting!  Go to:
for details.

CSTB Affiliates: Partners in Your Community!

I am thrilled to announce our contest winners for ideas to increase membership in the CSTB! There were some EXCELLENT ideas submitted -I couldn't just pick one winner. We have FIVE winners! They are:

Bill Cohen-Offer to appear on the local TV morning shows to talk about the CSTB, offer to speak on the two local radio stations
Lily Spontak- Offer to speak on the Ann Fisher NPR program
Susan Closson -include info on CSTB in the library newsletter
Rita Haider- promote Gatherings to friends with a similar interest
Donna Brooks- have 'information' meetings to offer info about Time Banks to people in groups that are NOT already interested in the CSTB, seek out those groups, and then, find out their specific needs and interests.
These 5 individuals have been sent their prizes...but, why stop now? There were so many good ideas, I want to keep this contest open! Do you have ideas about increasing our membership? Would you like to try for a $25 gift card? Send your ideas to csgeneral27@gmail.com!

I've also thought:
Vilvi -start a Meetup account
Vilvi- form anonymous surveys to get input from people in different groups.
Vilvi-contact the Free Press with info about CSTB.

Did you know we have a Facebook page?  Go to https://www.facebook.com/Care-and-Share-Time-Bank-220723677943718
Also, we have a page on Facebook for members to chat, share pictures, talk about exchanges, and offer material items for sale or exchange! 
 Care & Share Chat Room is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/508376542518372