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We will be regularly talking about ways to enjoy the CSTB.  Today’s topic: I have no time, but I want to help.

A wonderful, helpful member recently contacted me to say she was over-committed to several groups, causes, non-profits, and family issues and could not help with time bank concerns right now.  I assured her that this is a common issue that I have heard from almost EVERYONE!   We all have to balance things. Generally, people in the CSTB are concerned about all kinds of issues: political, environmental, social, etc.  But one thing can help us: community!

I urged her -and I'll urge us all- to think about ways the CSTB can help YOU.  Can you post an announcement about an interesting event being held by your non-profit that is open to the community?  Can you post a request or announcement to ask others for help/to inform others about a worthy cause?  MANY folks in the CSTB would love to help immigrants, feed the unhoused, help with literacy, protect animals, etc. Here is your chance to get others involved in a cause, expand awerness of an issue, give others the opportunity to join, and EXPAND OUR COMMUNITY!

By inviting others in, not only can people see that there are things going on around town, but  there REALLY IS (for many people) a personal sense of accomplishment/personal gain in helping others! Your posting an opportunity can actually help another person!  We connect with like-minded people by sharing the work toward common goals.

Posting announcements/requests related to your other group/cause could also help you; you might feel supported, find people with fresh energy or fresh insights, find others to share the work, and even make new friendships and connections! I've received SO many rewards this way -it's incredible!

Posting announcements/requests is also one HUGE thing you and others can do to help the CSTB!  It is another way to give the CSTB relevancy, as people turn to it as a sourse of knowledge about things happening in the area. I hear from people all the time saying the they would like to help such a fantastic organization -actively posting stuff is VERY VERY helpful!!!!!!!!!!

And, if you desire, you could even post things to the Facebook Chat Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/508376542518372  It's great for posting things that might not be great for actual CSTB stuff -like if you want to sell something.

Another way to help the CSTB and reward yourself is to attend any of our CSTB events.  You get to meet people, see some interesting things going on in the area, and support the CSTB.  We have had meetings at the Four-C, The Hedron Hub, Sunbury Urban Farm, and our next event will be the picnic/potluck at the Maize Manor shelter house on Sept 24th.  I hope to see you there!

Hi fellow CSTBankers!
Our next office hour will be here before we know it. As usual, it will be on the second Tuesday of the month. 
September 12, 2023 - 7:00 PM
Hope to see you with questions and ideas,

OFFICE HOURS on second Tuesdays on Zoom!

Do you have questions about CSTB?  Ideas?  Just want to hang out and share stories of time banking? Touch base with your community in the CSTB?  Want to earn time credits?

Come to the CSTB Office Hours on Zoom!  

OFFICE HOURS-office hours are open to new and long-term member, and EVERYONE in between!  (Plus people thinking of joining who want more information!)

The office hours are held every 2nd Tues on Zoom. Check back for the link!  If you have any questions now, ask csgeneral27@gmail.com

Care and Share Time Bank

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend to support the community?
Paint the Fire station sign.  Check out the fire truck!  Tend to the pollinator gardens.  Learn about bugs!  Meet your neighbors.  Support our firefighters.  Support CRC.  Talk to FLOW!  And more.
When: Saturday 9/2 Labor Day Weekend 12-3pm
Where: 3601 N High St.  Fire Station 19 in Clintonville,  just south of Whetstone Park across from Wendy's. (the fire station)

  • The goal of the day was originally just repainting the fire station sign along the street. 

  • As part of our larger station landscaping project over the past 2+ years, the sign was one of those things that we didn't get to yet.  It's finally happening!


We're doing that, but also:

  • Captain Chris Gutman is coming in, off-hours, to meet folks from the neighborhood and show folks the awesome fire truck, available for kids/adults to sit in the driver's seat and learn about its cool features (the crew may have to make runs though, if needed).  Learn about firefighting and the station itself!

  • Resource Collection Event for CRC:  Bring in things like food, pet food, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc that the CRC uses everyday.  It gets used!  Every day.  The haul will be delivered to CRC when their office opens back up after the holiday.

  • Ellen Danford, OSU graduate student, will be on-hand to explain the research that she's been conducting at FS19 (and other sites around the city).  Ellen is studying pollinators and urban pollinator gardens.  She may have a bug collection on hand, collected from the station over the past two years.  But don't let us explain it, ask her yourself!

  • FLOW (Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed) will be there, educating and sharing free pollinator seed.  Thanks FLOW!  What a great organization!

  • And of course, we always work on our pollinator gardens whenever we're at the station.  The main garden is at the station entrance.  A second one is on the north side (Northmoor).  Did you know that you or a group can volunteer here?  It's always appreciated and very visible to the community, being on High St and all.  Come to learn more.

  • Franklin Park Conservatory will be there in a big way with their outreach team and a cool butterfly display.  Use a magnifying glass to take a good, close look at a variety of butterflies!  There's a lot to learn at the FPC table!

  • Kids in the Kitchen has the food and drinks covered.  Check out the treats this young chef makes!  Dude is awesome!  A portion of the proceeds go to Clintonville GreenSpot for the next big project.

  • And we saved a few surprises.  You'll have to come by to find out!  OK, OK, one more reveal... you'll be able to test your plant ID skills with a name-that-plant interactive game, hosted by Dave Celebrezze and the City of Columbus GreenSpot Program from 12-2pm.  Think you can correctly name the plants that Dave points out?  Test your skill!  No more hints.. we're saving the last couple of surprises just for attendees!


Beechwold Hardware color matched and donated the paint, plus the new toppers for the sign posts!  That was pretty great.  Thank you, neighbors!  Such friendly!
Special shout-out to Clintonville Area Commissioner Hugh Crowell, District 4.
          Hugh has already primed and installed the new signpost tops.  He's way out in front, folks.  Let's finish the job!  Thank you, Mr. Crowell, for being there from the beginning of              this project, helping with every phase, and leading us again to the finish line on the revitalized street sign!

  • Be like Hugh.  Help us prepare!  Reply to this email if you are able to come by before Saturday.  Starting Thursday, we're scraping the old paint beforehand (also, power-washing), so that we can simply re-paint on Sat afternoon.  Scraping and power-washing.  Any takers? It needs to be done!


Thanks.  See you on Saturday 12-3pm.  
Clintonville GreenSpot
Find and share our event post on social media!
Great event for kids, if you're in town this Saturday.

We will be listing a number of interesting videos that our members might enjoy.  Check out our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnM1kcFnpxXep2XRlvfnU3Q


All the above links are courtesy of SWACO.

Here is a GREAT one that Michael Greenman sent:



I am thrilled to announce our contest winners for ideas to increase membership in the CSTB! There were some EXCELLENT ideas submitted -I couldn't just pick one winner. We have FIVE winners! They are:

Bill Cohen-Offer to appear on the local TV morning shows to talk about the CSTB, offer to speak on the two local radio stations
Lily Spontak- Offer to speak on the Ann Fisher NPR program
Susan Closson -include info on CSTB in the library newsletter
Rita Haider- promote Gatherings to friends with a similar interest
Donna Brooks- have 'information' meetings to offer info about Time Banks to people in groups that are NOT already interested in the CSTB, seek out those groups, and then, find out their specific needs and interests.
These 5 individuals have been sent their prizes...but, why stop now? There were so many good ideas, I want to keep this contest open! Do you have ideas about increasing our membership? Would you like to try for a $25 gift card? Send your ideas to csgeneral27@gmail.com!

I've also thought:
Vilvi -start a Meetup account
Vilvi- form anonymous surveys to get input from people in different groups.
Vilvi-contact the Free Press with info about CSTB.

Did you know we have a Facebook page?  Go to https://www.facebook.com/Care-and-Share-Time-Bank-220723677943718
Also, we have a page on Facebook for members to chat, share pictures, talk about exchanges, and offer material items for sale or exchange! 
 Care & Share Chat Room is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/508376542518372

Past events
At the potluck on June 18 at the UU Church we had a wonderful time!  The CSTB is focusing on going out and having events at (and in partnerships with) our affiliates over the past several months: we've had two Gatherings at The Royal Oak Initiative (ROI) (a chess-based mentoring agency that seeks to sustainably equip under-served populations with the education and the resources needed to eliminate personal and economic challenges as obstacles to growth- theroichess.org), had a work day at the Hedron Hub (https://thehedronhub.com/about-our-space-1), spent time at the Sunbuy Urban Farm (https://sunburyurbanfarm.wixsite.com/farm) for their seedling sale/open house, helped out the First UU Church at their Rummage Sale (https://firstuucolumbus.org/), worked at the Repair Cafe with the Clintonville Resource Center (CRC) (https://www.clintonvillecrc.org/-our affiliate is Vill in the Ville, a part of CRC), and spent time working and celebrating community twice at Sunny Glenn Garden (https://www.sunnyglengarden.com/). Our next activity will be with Simply Living (https://simplyliving.org/) at ComFest June 23-25 and helping with their garden tour in Linden on July 15th. 

At the potluck, we heard from/about most of these affiliates and a FANTASTIC talk from member Anisa Ahmed about her Urban Garden and upcoming events at her space and other Urban Gardens!  We look forward to your participation with any of these affiliates -and remember, work done for an affiliate earns you time bank credits!

Any questions?  Write to csgeneral27@gmail.com!

The work day at The Hedron Hub was WONDERFUL! A LOT of Timebankers showed up to clean, create projects, and build community! THANKS TO EVERYONE who was able to come and help out!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made the UU Rummage Sale a success!  Those who helped set up and organize, helped at the event, baked items for sale (YUM!), helped pack up and clean the church at the end, and those who shopped at the sale, THANK YOU ALL!  I hear the church made over $16,000!  THANK YOU!

On Saturday, January 14, many people came to a very informal meet-and-greet at Upper Cup Coffee shop at 79 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 to have questions answered about the Care and Share Time Bank, chat, make suggestions, and tour our affiliate, the Royal Oak Initiative.  Several Board members were present to answer questions, provide help, conduct very informal orientations, and chat!

The Gathering on Dec. 18 at 6:30pm at he UU Church in Beach Hall was a wonderful chance to see each other, and relax together!   Our own Andrea Gorzitze presented about the holidays in her German upbringing, and how Christmas has changed with American influence.  Her slideshow is here:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HLLoOyh4FFe1LRb5W3JKBsZUSjtJGgvm/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=102753895494357680714&rtpof=true&sd=true
Jennifer Sieck (new member!)  presented about the pre-Christian culture and rituals, and the history during the time leading up to the birth of Christ.  Also, she talked about the clamp down on lay healers by the church, and how those pre-Christian myths and rituals were later adopted by Christianity.
The potluck was delicious! Thanks, everyone, for sharing such wonderful things!  And, thanks for everyone who brought their own table-settings; it made clean up so much easier!  Please, anyone who helped in set-up or clean-up, let csgeneral27@gmail.con know -we didn't have a way to note it that night!

Thanks to everyone who made it special!


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Third, send an email to Vilvi Vannak, CSTB Board President, to arrange the completion of your membership application. 

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Here is a link to 
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Have you seen this news clip delivered some years ago on PBS by David Brancaccio?  It is a FABULOUS introduction to the concept of time banking:

CSTB Collaboration Groups
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CSTB Chat Room on Facebook

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Columbus, OH Project on Mutual Aid Network (MAN)

CSTB Affiliates: Partners in Your Community!

First Unitarian Universalist Church in Columbus

Simply Living

Interfaith Association of Central Ohio

Pyramid Community Development Corporation

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Red Oak Community School

Sunny Glen Wellness

The Juniper School

Sunbury Urban Farm

Four Seasons City Farm

Columbus Literacy Council

Growing Hearts and Hands 

Village in the Ville

ROI -Royal Oak Initiative

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