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Join us at The Arts Festival!  Simply Living, one of our affiliates, will be staffing a booth near COSI!  
Have you heard?  The Arts Fest will be downtown June 9-11, and SL will be working a beverage booth!  Stop by to enjoy the extensive and fabulous art and say Hi!

Simply Living at ComFest!
Simply Living will again turn its community booth into a water refilling station at ComFest, June 23 - 25 inside Goodale Park, west of the Shelter House.
Seeking volunteers to help with the water and to give out information about Simply Living and its upcoming Garden Tour in Linden on Sat., July 15.
For details on Comfest: 

Volunteers are needed for these shifts.
Fri 11a - 3p, 3p - 7p, 7p - 10 
Sat 11a - 3p, 3p - 7p, 7p - 10 
Sun 11a - 3p, 3p - 7p, 7p - close

Ideally 2 - 3 volunteers are needed at the booth at any time
Ecohouse is sharing the booth with Simply Living and will help in the tent, but also will set-up a solar chat area outside the tent. The CSTB will also share a booth with Simply Living!

If interested in volunteering, or if you have any questions.  please send an email to:
Thank you for your consideration, and please share with your friends. 
Happy Comfest!

David Jon Krohn-
I'll be performing at the New Albany Dance Festival on July 28, at the outdoor stage along with a plethora of other dance companies. Great chance to see a WIDE variety of dance styles and dancers. Bring a picnic or buy one there. ALL FAMILY FRIENDLY!

We will be listing a number of interesting videos that our members might enjoy.  Check out our Youtube channel:


All the above links are courtesy of SWACO.

Here is a GREAT one that Michael Greenman sent:



I am thrilled to announce our contest winners for ideas to increase membership in the CSTB! There were some EXCELLENT ideas submitted -I couldn't just pick one winner. We have FIVE winners! They are:

Bill Cohen-Offer to appear on the local TV morning shows to talk about the CSTB, offer to speak on the two local radio stations
Lily Spontak- Offer to speak on the Ann Fisher NPR program
Susan Closson -include info on CSTB in the library newsletter
Rita Haider- promote Gatherings to friends with a similar interest
Donna Brooks- have 'information' meetings to offer info about Time Banks to people in groups that are NOT already interested in the CSTB, seek out those groups, and then, find out their specific needs and interests.
These 5 individuals have been sent their prizes...but, why stop now? There were so many good ideas, I want to keep this contest open! Do you have ideas about increasing our membership? Would you like to try for a $25 gift card? Send your ideas to!

I've also thought:
Vilvi -start a Meetup account
Vilvi- form anonymous surveys to get input from people in different groups.
Vilvi-contact the Free Press with info about CSTB.

Did you know we have a Facebook page?  Go to
Also, we have a page on Facebook for members to chat, share pictures, talk about exchanges, and offer material items for sale or exchange! 
 Care & Share Chat Room is at

Past events

The work day at The Hedron Hub was WONDERFUL!
A LOT of Timebankers showed up to clean, create projects, and build community! THANKS TO EVERYONE who was able to come and help out!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made the UU Rummage Sale a success!  Those who helped set up and organize, helped at the event, baked items for sale (YUM!), helped pack up and clean the church at the end, and those who shopped at the sale, THANK YOU ALL!  I hear the church made over $16,000!  THANK YOU!

On Saturday, January 14, many people came to a very informal meet-and-greet at Upper Cup Coffee shop at 79 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 to have questions answered about the Care and Share Time Bank, chat, make suggestions, and tour our affiliate, the Royal Oak Initiative.  Several Board members were present to answer questions, provide help, conduct very informal orientations, and chat!

The Gathering on Dec. 18 at 6:30pm at he UU Church in Beach Hall was a wonderful chance to see each other, and relax together!   Our own Andrea Gorzitze presented about the holidays in her German upbringing, and how Christmas has changed with American influence.  Her slideshow is here:
Jennifer Sieck (new member!)  presented about the pre-Christian culture and rituals, and the history during the time leading up to the birth of Christ.  Also, she talked about the clamp down on lay healers by the church, and how those pre-Christian myths and rituals were later adopted by Christianity.
The potluck was delicious! Thanks, everyone, for sharing such wonderful things!  And, thanks for everyone who brought their own table-settings; it made clean up so much easier!  Please, anyone who helped in set-up or clean-up, let csgeneral27@gmail.con know -we didn't have a way to note it that night!

Thanks to everyone who made it special!


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Information about the Care and Share Time Bank and Timebanking


Care and Share Time Bank Membership
Interested in joining the Care and Share Time Bank?
First, watch the following video recording of an “orientation” meeting to the time bank. 
Next, please look at the Handbook.
Second, take notes with any questions you may have.
Click "Become a member" and fill out the requested information (botton on the top left of this page).
Third, send an email to Vilvi Vannak, CSTB Board President, to arrange the completion of your membership application. 

Looking forward to having you be a part of our CSTB community!
Here is a link to 
the article about us 
that appeared in the 
Columbus Dispatch: 

Have you seen this news clip delivered some years ago on PBS by David Brancaccio?  It is a FABULOUS introduction to the concept of time banking:

CSTB Collaboration Groups
If you are a CSTB member, please sign-up for / request to join our online conversations!

CSTB Chat Room on Facebook

Future of Your Time Bank Community on hOurworld

Columbus, OH Project on Mutual Aid Network (MAN)

CSTB Affiliates: Partners in Your Community!

First Unitarian Universalist Church in Columbus

Simply Living

Interfaith Association of Central Ohio

Pyramid Community Development Corporation

Clintonville Energy Collaborative

Red Oak Community School

Sunny Glen Wellness

The Juniper School

Sunbury Urban Farm

Four Seasons City Farm

Columbus Literacy Council

Growing Hearts and Hands 

Village in the Ville

ROI -Royal Oak Initiative

The Hedron Hub