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RUMMAGE SALE at the UU Church

Our affiliate, the First Unitarian Universalist Church (UU) is having a RUMMAGE SALE!  They do SO MUCH to help us; let's help them and build community (and earn time bank credits while doing good!)

Rummage Sale is on:  Saturday, MARCH 25th from 8:30am to 3pm

Donation Drop-off:  Monday, March 20 - Thursday, March 23

Drop-off Hours:  10-1pm and 5-8pm

They also need more volunteers for setting up the tables on March 24 from 6-9pm, as well as breaking down after the sale from 3-7pm on March 25th.

Interested in meeting new people, helping a deserving affiliate, building connections, and earning time bank hours? Email for the link to sign up or email with questions.



On Saturday, April 1st, from 1pm-5pm, the CSTB will be having a work-day at the Hedron Hub(9139 US Highway 62, Unit E, Orient, OH, 43146)!  Haven’t heard of the Hub? The Hedron Hub was founded by Samantha (Sam) August as a community maker-space to support our special needs friends and local families.  It is a place to shop, play, learn, grow, hang out, work, and volunteer.  They are also a Zero-Waste Redemption Center that offers corporate environmental/community programs to help divert 'waste' into new resources in which we create and teach with.  On site is also a thrift store, vendor gallery, craft/sewing/stained glass stations, DIY science stations, sensory garden and playground, etc. 


Come by on April 1st to see the space, meet others and make connections, get involved with the special needs community, lend a hand to this work day, and EARN TIME BANK CREDIT!


Sam is working to get this incredible place ready to be a center for gathering and creating, and she needs our help. I know many people in the CSTB have told me that they feel a little awkward showing up alone and doing a time bank exchange -this work day is the perfect chance for us all to show up and work together! EVERYONE has some ability and talent; we’ll all do what we can. Sam has planned:

The Hedron Hub  Project List

   (many are one-and-done things!)

  Zero-Waste Redemption Area

   Shelving behind monkey bars

   Move/add shelves to get higher

   condense- Move clothes racks

   Bring ovef othe recycles and add to storage

   Move all hard line mediums to pieces and parts

   Bring in kiddy beds to use for sorting area

Physical areas:

Receiving   Cleaning    Storage    Processing     Creations

Receiving:  Form- drop off list w/ patron feedback

      Place to collect items til they can be stored/processed

Cleaning:     Kitchen /  also this is Sams/ workers private desk/sitting area, an in-house communications

Finish decorating

Switch out sand sheer for sand satin under Frankenstien

 Lay down rug                

Wash up stuff, sweep up floor

Congregate cleaning supplies,

Assemble rolling cart for Bob to clean with

 Ladder work:   Fix beach sign  & Hang frames

 Run water pipes to 80 gallon tank on Thrift side

invite to Walk in tub folksInteractive Home & Garden Show.  ( We use it as another area to clean and others can try it while they're fully clothed.)

Storage & Shopping

Put loose unique mixed pieces in wire recycle Sampler - Showcase Wire area

Fabric in cubbies

round things area

rearrange stacked tables and secure

Link Item/material chart  

  w/ Youtube craft or pic of creations items to show ideas

Creations:  Showcase of Things made out of our recycles.   

    top10 STEM toys     sensory toys    home decor    jewelry  hack devices

******* -Take pics for Kenzie to make a catalog for us.

 *******  -Then post items on SQUARE/ website, FB, for sale  and use for flyers, art, etc.

********DoDD Toy order:     STill making safe toys and need to fill ASAP

  *******   Brands being made now for follow up and leads I've talked to about our green community initiative programs.:

        Canes, Texas Roadhouse, Chipotle, White CAstle, Highlights, GC magazine,  AAA ROADSIDE

Reception area:

     Ladder work:  Hang signage, purple rails, hang black pom pom shelf

     Hang Mychorizhal Fungi network up along door

     move boxes to thrift store

     clear out under the desk

     Set up black hutch

     Set plants up on waterproof best area

K's Space

     Move personal videos,

     Set up cubbies with supplies for Michelle

     REset white shelves with toys, move Sues stuff

     Paint white chairs

Gizmo Gallery:

    Move items to thrift store

    Set up shelves with homemade decor/ toys/ etc

    Copy Me display area  (signage,

Science Area:

     Set up activity stations

     Divert all items to proper areas

     Turn fish tanks over and use as shelves

Coloring Corner:

    Congregate all of our building/processing supplies to the areas

    Put away all of the thrift stuff, copy me's

    Table Venn Diagrams on 3 round tables

    Make K proof the interactive Fibonnaci Spiral

    Retape outline of Golden Rectangles

    Hang sheer around mandala, fix mirror

    Secure adaptive tables

Put templates, ideas, creative tools for public in cubbies by snowflakes

Custom order area by printer

Set up paper / paperboard / shopping area


    Paint walls

    Make a hanging TP holder for handicap rail

    Add  stool between toilet and wall

   Replace sink or replace water heater tank

  Put folding door

Back Area Sewing area/ storage:

Ladder work:  Hang tie quilt,    add cross shelves where able    

Clear off table and bring one from up front

    Home for 8 chairs????

    Sort gardening, hardware, other misc soft line pieces and parts

Thrift & Sift:

    Clear shelves of Zero-Waste left by back door

    Set up stained glass studio

    Set up Pieces and parts for Hard lines

      w/ sections for Plastic    Wood     Metal     Natural

     Price things

     Make signs for the areas

     Get cash box and change

     Have staging area for custom orders

     community board for buy sell trade

     Clean  and windows

Redo reception area:

        Clear out under counter, set up to function

        Add shelves and drawers to front area

        Rearrange so easier to shop


   Garden   Sensory Playground   Alley of yard pieces & parts    work/paint spot       

     Arrange signs and tables

     Fix fence

     Basketball hoop back up

     Outside Signage

     Cover grass

     Hang Mobius Strip trampoline strip along fence

     BRing in folding tables

     Bring in kiddy beds and use for recycle station

     Cut curb so not a tripping hazard

     Make hanger mandalas, paint, and hang on side of building

     Make cat pyramid hotel w/ pet carriers


Ladder Work:

Attach clear shower curtains with magnets to ceiling vents to deflect air

Attach canopy to make "cloud cover" for shower curtain air tubes

 Hang signage

 Wipe down furniture and items around Hub

 Clean windows

 Make signage

Fix electricity    2 sets of lights are out and their outlets which we need




Village in the Ville and Green Columbus are planning a Repair Cafe on April 29th from 11 AM to 3 PM at CRC's Annex (3230 N High St). If you aren’t familiar, Repair Cafes bring volunteers with handywork and repair skills together to fix broken home items for members of our community, including: toasters, lamps, clothes, or really anything else that might be broken.

They will also need help with set up/tear down- perfect for people who want to be involved, but don't necessarily have repair expertise. 

This is PERFECT for the CSTB!  We love our community, want to help our neighbors, always try to cut down on the waste going to landfills, try to promote social justice, meet others and make connections, and earn Time Bank hours!

Below is a short survey. Please fill it out to get involved in this fabulous opportunity!



Have you seen this news clip delivered some years ago on PBS by David Brancaccio?  It is a FABULOUS introduction to the concept of time banking:

We will be listing a number of interesting videos that our members might enjoy.  Check out our Youtube channel:

All the above links are courtesy of SWACO.

Here is a GREAT one that Michael Greenman sent:

On Saturday, January 14, many people came to a very informal meet-and-greet at Upper Cup Coffee shop at 79 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 to have questions answered about the Care and Share Time Bank, chat, make suggestions, and tour our affiliate, the Royal Oak Initiative.  Several Board members were present to answer questions, provide help, conduct very informal orientations, and chat!

The Gathering on Dec. 18 at 6:30pm at he UU Church in Beach Hall was a wonderful chance to see each other, and relax together!   Our own Andrea Gorzitze presented about the holidays in her German upbringing, and how Christmas has changed with American influence.  Her slideshow is here:
Jennifer Sieck (new member!)  presented about the pre-Christian culture and rituals, and the history during the time leading up to the birth of Christ.  Also, she talked about the clamp down on lay healers by the church, and how those pre-Christian myths and rituals were later adopted by Christianity.
The potluck was delicious! Thanks, everyone, for sharing such wonderful things!  And, thanks for everyone who brought their own table-settings; it made clean up so much easier!  Please, anyone who helped in set-up or clean-up, let csgeneral27@gmail.con know -we didn't have a way to note it that night!

Thanks to everyone who made it special!




I am thrilled to announce our contest winners for ideas to increase membership in the CSTB! There were some EXCELLENT ideas submitted -I couldn't just pick one winner. We have FIVE winners! They are:

Bill Cohen-Offer to appear on the local TV morning shows to talk about the CSTB, offer to speak on the two local radio stations
Lily Spontak- Offer to speak on the Ann Fisher NPR program
Susan Closson -include info on CSTB in the library newsletter
Rita Haider- promote Gatherings to friends with a similar interest
Donna Brooks- have 'information' meetings to offer info about Time Banks to people in groups that are NOT already interested in the CSTB, seek out those groups, and then, find out their specific needs and interests.
These 5 individuals have been sent their prizes...but, why stop now? There were so many good ideas, I want to keep this contest open for another month! Do you have ideas about increasing our membership? Would you like to try for a $25 gift card? Send your ideas to! Enter by May 30th. Winners will be announced in June.
I've also thought:
Vilvi -start a Meetup account
Vilvi- form anonymous surveys to get input from people in different groups.
Vilvi-contact the Free Press with info about CSTB.

Did you know we have a Facebook page?  Go to

Past events
If you would like to view the video link for Dr. Paul Robinson for the July Gathering of the Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB) on Saturday, July 16th

Welcome to the June Gathering of the Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB) on Sunday, June 19th at 6:30!

The June Gathering will feature our own Time Bank member, Ms. RaVen Sequoia.  RaVen has been a member of the Time Bank for over 5 years and will be speaking tonight on Deaf Culture.  RaVen is fluent in American Sign Language, and has been an ASL Tutor/Mentor/Evaluator for over 26 years.  She has started an ASL group in the time bank to teach people some basic Sign Language.  Importantly, she has been in the Deaf culture her entire life.  Let's hear from RaVen!

The Gathering will take place in-person at 93 W. Weisheimer Road at the First UU Church at 6:30pm.  The doors will open at 6:15.  Masks will be required for people coming in-person, and we will also make the event available on Zoom.  There will be no potluck, but there will be a "Sharing table" for people to use to put out free items they would like to give away.

I hope to see you there -members and non-members alike are invited.  Members will receive two time credits for attending (on line or in-person), and non-members will get two credits if they join (FREE TO JOIN).

Vilvi Vannak is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Deaf Culture




May's presentation:

Nancy and Becky's notes:
the slide show:

on Sunday, April 17 at 6:30pm, let’s talk about Climate Change!  Specifically, let’s discuss options to cope!


April’s discussion will be presented by Nancy Gamso.  She describes herself as a very reluctant leader on this topic.  She just retired (she was a music professor at OWU, not a scientist), and she is learning “as much as she can as fast as she can” while trying to keep from going into a nihilistic funk over the whole mess. Her talk is: "How I’m learning to mitigate the grief over the climate crisis"


The video link for the March 20, 2022 meeting is;

At this March’s Gathering of the Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB)Michael Greenman will speak to us about a time bank effort to address climate change called “How’s The Weather”.  The question of what people can do to address climate change is something that many of us are asking, so let’s turn out for a good discussion as we hear about this program!  The Gathering will be on Zoom at 6:30 on Sunday, March 20. 

The February 2022 Gathering of The Care and Share Time Bank will feature Mike Hogan, Extension Educator & Associate Professor with Agriculture & Natural Resources.  He was the 2018 Faculty Council Chair and Past President – National Association of County Agricultural Agents

He currently works with the Ohio State University Extension – Franklin County

Mike Hogan will speak to us about the current activities locally of his office and what he sees in the nation regarding urban farming and urban gardening. Let’s gather to ask him about trends in America!

We will also hear from Michael Greenman on the “How’s the Weather” project, a time bank project to address the climate crisis.

Village in the Ville with the CRC

Welcome to the January meeting of the The Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB)!  Tomorrow the Time Bank will hear from William Jones-Kline about the many activities of “Village in the Ville”, an organization for adults 50 and up that is designed to help us all age successfully. From their website: “Through Village in the Ville, neighbors make new friends, try new activities, and stay involved in the community. If interested, members volunteer to assist one-another with tasks in and around the home, with transportation, and friendly support. Village in the Ville supports the continual development of a strong community to help us all age successfully.”


Village in the Ville is now an affiliate of the CSTB!  We will talk about what this means for “paying” people who volunteer with Village in the Ville with time credits, and how this affiliation can benefit people of the community!

 We will gather on Zoom at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 16. EVERYONE is invited to this informative meeting.  CSTB members will be awarded two time credits for attending, and community members can receive two time credits if they decide to join the CSTB.  Joining is FREE.  Minors under 18 can join with their parents or guardian.

The Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB)!

In the November -November 21 at 6:30pm- meeting of the Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB), we discussed some of the workings of the CSTB.  Here is a recording: 

Many people requested that we share the presentation done on June 20 by Alice Faryna of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio (FCACO ).  Here is the link for the video.

Greetings! The Care and Share Time Bank gathering will be Sunday, September 19th, at 6:30 p.m. on zoom. We will hear a presentation from Bob Krasen of the Single Payer Action Network on the topic of Medicare for all! Please join us for this informative session:


WELCOME to the July 18 meeting of the Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB)!  Our July meeting will feature Moriah Flagler and KJ Dye giving some tools to help us in our pandemic crisis.


Moriah says, “As community leaders, workers, artists and organizers this pandemic has taken a specific toll on our work as well as our nervous systems.  The communities we work with all have unique challenges and needs that are often disproportionately affected by the circumstances of the crisis. In this virtual session, Moriah Flagler and KJ Dye (of Be the Street at OSU) will share creative tools adapted out of the work of the trauma resource institute that you can directly adapt to support yourself and the communities you serve. If you have a good idea you want to try out, we want to help you get to implementation. After participating, you will also be eligible for participating in our small grants program to support and sustain your own creative leadership.”


Please join us on the 18th at 6:30pm for this fascinating presentation!


Topic: CSTB

Time: Jul 18, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)



WELCOME to the June 20 meeting of the Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB)!  Our June meeting will be dedicated to end-of-life choices. We will be presented with information from Alice Faryna of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio (FCACO ). The FCACO Mission Statement:

• To promote end-of-life planning and preparation

• To outline practical steps to take before death

• To inform and instruct the public

concerning the funeral industry

• To offer reasonably priced options

for dealing with remains at death

• To monitor the funeral industry on a

local and statewide level

• To maintain public awareness

through action, education and



Alice adds:

Our main focus is to educate the public about getting their affairs in order before they are terminally ill, which is a very bad time to make  plans and then find out you can't afford  them. Once you sign a contract you can't change your mind. The presentation will include information about rights of consumers when making arrangements for a funeral and the importance of advance directives.


I hope you can join us for this informative and interesting talk!  As usual, our presentation will begin at 6:30 with introductions.  At approximately 6:45, Alice will begin her presentation.




The May 16th Gathering of the Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB).We met on Zoom at 6:30p.m.

Our May Gathering featured our own Tina Thonnings offering a presentation about permaculture.  Permaculture is so much more than gardening.

A little background:

Back in the mid-90's, Tina Thonnings got the chance to work with Dr. Edgar Cahn of the Time Dollar Institute as a Americorp VISTA Volunteer, both in the Cleveland, Ohio and the Washington DC areas.  When she lived in Columbus, she was a regular Care and Shares Time Bank Member. Tina currently lives in the Cleveland area, taking care of her 89 year old mother.  Tina works as a Volunteer Service Manger (VSM) for Hospice of the Western Reserve.

Tina Thonnings, a lifelong organic gardener, had her 1st garden when she was in 4th grade and delights in growing things with her green thumbs! Being from a large family, much of what she learned about gardening came from her father/family growing up. One of Tina's favorite jobs was the East side coordinator for The Ohio State Extension/Cuyahoga County Office.  Later in her career, Tina had the privilege of learning about Permaculture growing through Farmer John Wright, while working at Shepherd's Corner Ecology in Blacklick (East side of Franklin County).  Such hands-on learning has even more deeply changed the way of gardening and growing food.  Tina is a student willing to share what she has learned about permaculture and growing food at home.

Tina's presentaation:


Here are some other resources that are available regarding Permaculture. John Wright (My teacher) and Stephanie Blessing 
Grow What You Love by Emily Murphy 
Starting and Saving Sees by Julie Thompson-Adolf 
Saving Seeds by Dan Jason 

APRIL 18 AT 6:30pm!!
Here's the schedule:

6:30-6:45 We will start off with a brief social time, introducing ourselves and offering any exchange items we have to offer for free.  I feel very strongly that this time to be social is hugely important to our well-being; it’s a precious time for us to greet each other and connect.  I love our community!

 The speaker is eager to share a great deal of information with us and have plenty of time for Q & A, so I would ask that we all limit our introductions and exchanges to about 2 minutes each.

6:45-7:30 The Care and Share Time Bank (CSTB) is proud to present;

Dianne Kadonaga!  Dianne will emphasize her zero waste, sustainable, regenerative, lifestyle and the edible food forest she has cultivated in her suburban backyard.  

Would you like to know how you can turn your urban grass lawn into a vibrant organic eco-system and permaculture-based edible food forest that provides food and habitat for people, pollinators, and the planet?  

Dianne only had to go grocery shopping four times in the last year as the garden provided most of her needs. She uses methods that are free or inexpensive to build soil health, fertilize, and get seeds, and she manages pests without chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, while reducing the need to water or weed. She gets to enjoy a beautiful backyard that is vibrant and full of life of bees, butterflies, insects, and other bugs, birds, and all creatures. It is a yard where all live in harmony and share in the bounty of nature.

She will also share lifestyle ideas on how to be more eco-friendly and green. 

Dianne has been featured on 10TV and Columbus Dispatch for Zero Waste Families and Eco-friendly lifestyles, and Sunny Glen Garden was presented with the GreenSpotLight award from Mayor Ginther and the City of Columbus in the small business category for demonstrating excellence in sustainable business practices. 



Dianne Kadonaga

Sunny Glen Garden

Growing into Life's Possibilities

Creating Urban Edible Food Forests and Wildlife Habitat

3507 Sunny Glen Pl

Columbus OH 43224



Come and join us in the garden! Dianne will be taking your questions after her presentation!


Due to time constraints and the nature of the meeting, all participants will be placed on mute.  Individuals will be asked to unmute for the Q & A.  Also, please note that Dianne will be begin the presentation and Q & A portions. 



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hOurworld Mobile Time Banking We believe in Open Innovation! We implement the best ideas of our members and coordinators. This broad based co-production model of networking and development affords us all the best tools for sustaining our local communities!

We believe in removing ALL the barriers to time banking that we can. Access to the hOurworld platform is FREE. It is easy for new members to join and learn, and easy for coordinators to manage and report on their members and activity.

We believe in supporting local diversity while maintaining a central cooperative organization to provide accessible support, training, and communications. We are documenting and teaching these models.

We believe that every member have control over their own privacy and content. We operate on private secure servers and HIPAA compliant data centers where all information is encrypted before going out on the internet.

We believe that time banking is one spoke in a wheel of Movements Moving Together. We foster local community organizations drawing together to create powerful local economies as they integrate CSA, Food Co-op, Buy Local, Transition Town, BALLE, CAP and others. The opportunities are endless!

All the Best from hOurworld


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Here is a link to 
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that appeared in the 
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Have you seen this news clip delivered some years ago on PBS by David Brancaccio?  It is a FABULOUS introduction to the concept of time banking:

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