Strengthening Community Through Mutual Exchanges

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-Membership is FREE to everyone; individuals, families, youth, groups, schools, faith-based community, and businesses!

-Youth under the age of 18 require parental/legal guardian consent and supervision.

-Organizations can raise awareness, increase volunteerism and community support. 

-Applicants are screened and references are checked.

You may submit a paper application: Paper Application.  Please print, complete and submit your application by email to or by mail to the address below:
Community Time Exchange
c/o Family Involvement Center
5333 N. 7th Street, A-100
Phoenix AZ 85014

To request a free Program Overview presentation for your agency or group please call the CTE Coordinator at (602) 412-4090 or Family Involvement Center at (602) 288-0155 or email requests to

For Technical Assistance, Customer Service, Applicant Support or Member Services please call (602) 412-4090 or email questions to

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5333 N. 7th Street, Ste A100 Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone (602) 412-4095


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Welcome to Community Time Exchange
a program hosted by Family Involvement Center

Community Time Exchange is a community building network that utilizes a strength-based approaches to promote health, wellness and active lifestyles. In the Community Time Exchange everyone’s contribution of time and skills are valued equally. These contributions are exchanged among one another as each member “pays it forward.” A greater sense of dignity, wellness, and community is gained.

The Community Time Exchange begins within the local community by providing a secure web-based platform to connect and exchange with one another. As you give an hour of your time or receive an hour of someone else’s time within the exchange, that one hour is a debited or credited to your account, a single time exchange is banked and that new hour is ready to be used to fulfill an hour from another exchange. Credits and debits are based on actual time.

Leadership opportunities you may be interested in joining include our Advisory Board which meets monthly to discuss membership growth, program development, themes for our Potluck Social events and other community activities . . .

Attend our monthly Potluck Social event to have fun, meet others and learn what members are offering or what their needs migh be. Potlucks are open to everyone, attendance registion is required. Call (602) 412-4090 to register or by email at

Youth leadership includes our Friday Fun Club for Kids.  Members may bring their children, have some free time to themselves while their kids learn leadership skills, helping the community, and positive peer relationships all while having fun and building a stronger community!

Please visit and click Like on our Facebook page: earn and record .25 credit hour or more by sharing resources, information, updates.

Las opciones para el lenguaje estan por debajo

- Free up your time by having someone else do the work that has been preventing you from getting to other meaningful or fun things in your life.

- You use earned time like currency – receiving help without monetary expense. You can experience monetary savings by having services done in the time exchange that you would normally pay for elsewhere. 

- Join together with someone with whom you already are in a helping relationship to track each of your time, earn time credit and expand your circle of support by using your earned time to get help from ANY other member.

- Gain access to services and supports you might not otherwise afford.  For example, have you always wanted to learn to play the piano, join a fitness group or need tutoring servics?  . . .  Or, you may want to share your special skills and tallents with the community while mutually enjoying those of others.

The possibilities are endless!

We all have needs. 
We all have something to give.