Greenbelt Time Bank

Building community via equal exchange.

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Services we exchange (# of offerings):
Art & Crafts (14)
Audio & Video (3)
Auto/Boat/Bike (7)
Beauty/Cosmetic/Spa (4)
Business/Office Services (22)
Children/Youth (14)
Classes/Lessons/Tutor (46)
Community (6)
Computer (13)
Construction & Home Repair (6)
Conversation & Counseling (15)
Cooking and Foods (10)
Design & Decorating (4)
Elder & Companionship (31)
Entertainment/Performance/Shows (6)
Event (18)
Fitness/Outdoor/Nature (19)
Garden/Yard (23)
Health & Wellness (13)
Help in the Home (12)
Interpreting (4)
Legal (3)
Marketing & Media (9)
Miscellaneous (2)
Moving & Hauling (7)
Organize (6)
Pet Care (20)
Photography (12)
Sewing (4)
Spirituality/Philosophy (2)
Translation (2)
Transportation (18)
Weatherization (1)
Writing/Research/Publishing (35)

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Greenbelt Time Bank is a growing community of over 100 Greenbelters who are exchanging services using a digital time-based currency called HOURS. It’s fun. It’s free. It’s simple.

Earn HOURS by providing services to other members. Spend HOURS to receive services from other members.

Use your time and talents to help your neighbors, get your own needs met, and build a stronger community! 

Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, and/or plays in Greenbelt, MD. 


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Call: (240) 473-3497 (voicemail)


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hOurworld® News

hOurworld News

hOurworld Mobile Time Banking We believe in Open Innovation! We implement the best ideas of our members and coordinators. This broad based co-production model of networking and development affords us all the best tools for sustaining our local communities!

We believe in removing ALL the barriers to time banking that we can. Access to the hOurworld platform is FREE. It is easy for new members to join and learn, and easy for coordinators to manage and report on their members and activity.

We believe in supporting local diversity while maintaining a central cooperative organization to provide accessible support, training, and communications. We are documenting and teaching these models.

We believe that every member have control over their own privacy and content. We operate on private secure servers and HIPAA compliant data centers where all information is encrypted before going out on the internet.

We believe that time banking is one spoke in a wheel of Movements Moving Together. We foster local community organizations drawing together to create powerful local economies as they integrate CSA, Food Co-op, Buy Local, Transition Town, BALLE, CAP and others. The opportunities are endless!

All the Best from hOurworld

Please read before joining or logging in:

Joint Liability Statement   
Joining and logging in constitutes acceptance of this Statement.

Greenbelt Time Bank, through its platform, hOurworld, provides an opportunity for members to provide services to, and receive services from, other members. There is no exchange of money for services rendered between the parties. Greenbelt Time Bank and hOurworld provide this opportunity, free of charge, as a community service. All parties involved in the creation and use of the Greenbelt Time Bank provide their services as community volunteers. 

Agreement to Participate at My Own Risk and To Hold Greenbelt Time Bank and hOurworld Harmless
I understand that Greenbelt Time Bank, through its platform, hOurworld provides no implied or expressed warranty for the fitness, safety or quality of the work of its members. I assume the risk of injury, harm or damage resulting from, or in any way associated with, the provision of services or the receiving of services through the Greenbelt Time Bank via hOurworld. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Greenbelt Time Bank and hOurworld (including all parties involved in creation, implementation, and operation) from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damages, lawsuits, judgments (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of or relating to the use of the Greenbelt Time Bank and hOurworld.

Personal Responsibility for Participation in the Greenbelt Time Bank
Greenbelt Time Bank/hOurworld agreements are made between members involved in the service exchange. As such, it is the sole responsibility of each member to exercise reasonable care and judgment in the use of this service. Reasonable caution is urged, but is not limited to, the sharing of personal information, including residential addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and any and all identifying documents or statements. Greenbelt Time Bank/hOurworld membership is open to all ages. If a member is a minor, it is the sole responsibility of the guardian to ensure the minor's safety and well-being in all Greenbelt Time Bank/hOurworld transactions. Greenbelt Time Bank/hOurworld members are encouraged to contact Greenbelt Time Bank administrators with relevant issues, questions and concerns. Reasonable efforts will be made to address questions and resolve concerns. Should further actions be indicated, Greenbelt Time Bank/hOurworld members retain the right to pursue any and all legal remedies in relation to other members.
Por favor, lea antes de unirse y de iniciar sesión:
Declaración de responsabilidad conjunta
Unirse y entrar en él implica la aceptación de esta Declaración.

Greenbelt Banco del Tiempo, a través de su plataforma, hOurworld, proporciona una oportunidad para que los miembros proporcionan servicios a, y recibir servicios de otros miembros. No hay intercambio de dinero por los servicios prestados entre las partes. Greenbelt Banco de Tiempo y hOurworld ofrecen esta oportunidad, de forma gratuita, como un servicio a la comunidad. Todas las partes involucradas en la creación y uso del Banco de Tiempo Greenbelt presten sus servicios como voluntarios de la comunidad. 

Acuerdo para Participar a mi propio riesgo y sostenerse Greenbelt Banco de Tiempo y hOurworld Inofensivo
Entiendo que Greenbelt Banco del Tiempo, a través de su plataforma, hOurworld no proporciona ninguna garantía implícita o explícita de la condición física, la seguridad o la calidad del trabajo de sus miembros. Asumo el riesgo de lesiones, daños y perjuicios resultantes de, o de alguna manera asociado con la prestación de servicios o la recepción de los servicios a través del Banco Greenbelt Tiempo través hOurworld. Estoy de acuerdo en indemnizar y mantener indemne a la hora Greenbelt Banco y hOurworld (incluyendo todas las partes involucradas en la creación, implementación y operación) de cualquiera y todas las reclamaciones, demandas, pérdidas, causas de acción, daños y perjuicios, demandas, juicios (incluyendo honorarios de abogados y los costes) derivados de o relacionados con el uso del Greenbelt Banco de Tiempo y hOurworld.

Responsabilidad personal para la participación en el Banco del Tiempo Greenbelt
Acuerdos Greenbelt Banco de Tiempo / hOurworld se hacen entre los miembros que participan en el intercambio de servicios. Como tal, es de la exclusiva responsabilidad de cada miembro a actuar con diligencia razonable y el juicio en el uso de este servicio. Se insta razonable cautela, pero no se limita a, el uso compartido de información personal, incluyendo direcciones residenciales, direcciones de correo electrónico, números de teléfono y cualquier y todos los documentos de identificación o declaraciones. Membresía Greenbelt Banco de Tiempo / hOurworld está abierto a todas las edades. Si un miembro es menor de edad, es de la exclusiva responsabilidad del tutor para garantizar la seguridad del menor y el bienestar en todas las transacciones / hOurworld Greenbelt Tiempo Banco. Se anima a los miembros de Greenbelt Banco de Tiempo / hOurworld ponerse en contacto con los administradores de Greenbelt Hora del Banco con las cuestiones pertinentes, preguntas y preocupaciones. Se realizarán esfuerzos razonables para hacer frente a las preguntas y resolver inquietudes. Si se requiere más acciones se indicarán los miembros Greenbelt Banco de Tiempo / hOurworld conservan el derecho de perseguir a cualquiera y todos los recursos legales en relación con los otros miembros.