Sedona-Verde Valley TimeBank

The Art of Compassionate Community Building

In 2010, we were established as the first TimeBank in Arizona, then known as The Sedona TimeBank.  Over the past few years we've worked with members to create the most streamline application process and protective TimeBank policies.  The network has grown to include local organizations as well as individual members.  Due to an increased TimeBanking interest in neighboring cities, we expanded to include the entire Verde Valley region




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P.O. Box 305 Sedona AZ 86339

Phone (928) 399-7063


If you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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TimeBanking works because of YOU!  Honoring the value of the skills you have to share as well as being open to ask for services you want is what strengthens our TimeBanking community. 

Here is a short,  "How To" video on the Time &  Talents online software-


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Now known as The Sedona-Verde Valley TimeBank, we are a network of individuals and organizations who recognize the value of one anothers skills, time and talents.  One hour at a time, we strengthen our intergenerational community, revitalize the local economy using Time Token currency, and recognize the true value of everyone's services.