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Strengthening Community Hour by Hour

Rock Hour Community

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Rock Hour Community is part of a growing international system of exchange where people share their time and talents. It's a system where people help each other and receive credits for their service. Anyone who helps another member earns one hour for each hour of help given, which they can then spend on an hour of service from anyone else in the network. It's a way to value the work we do for others in our community and the work we do in building that community.

Instead of going without things because we don't have the needed social support or cannot afford to pay someone with money, we exchange time. Everyone's time is valued equally, no matter who they are or what they do. 

As budgets shrink and expenses grow, it's time for us to use the many wonderful assets of all residents of our communities, matching unmet needs with unused resources. We each have talents and skills that someone else values. By sharing them, we can strengthen our community one hour at a time.

 To learn more contact Gary Messinger at (608-882-9032), Becky Schenk-Gonzales at (608-751-2116), or Darsha Olsen at (608-290-6057).

Strengthening Community Hour by Hour