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Peace, abundance and sharing through equality in exchange.

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Hello PDX Time Bank friends!

A time bank is a community of members who share their services in exchange for Time Credits.  Earn a time credit dog walking and then spend it on getting a hair cut, have a cake baked for you, or any other service that's offered by other time bank members.  Get involved with the community.  Do what you love in exchange for what you need.

How to become a member:

1. Submit your application (Use that Become a Member link up there above the header!).

Familiarize yourself with these timebanking principals:

Mission benefits and guiding principals

How time banking works (it is NOT barter!)

Services you might request or offer (to give you some ideas of the scope of what is possible!)

More ideas about how we might interact as members to help our network flourish
We look forward to connecting with you all through the time bank community!

Much love,

The PDX Time Bank