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Portobello Timebank

It's not volunteering - it's sharing

Our Services

English Language Support
Form Filling and Letters

Community Gardening
Community Service
Litter/Clean Up
Bellfield volunteer
Tribe Porty volunteer
Community Fridge volunteer
Commissioned Works
Equipment Loan
Misc Item(s) Exchange
Produce Exchange
Space Rental

Car Washing
Electronics - set up computer/TV
Garden - Design/Advice
Gardening - Light (weeding, pruning etc.)
Gardening - Moderate-Heavy (digging, slabs etc.)
Houseplant Care
Interior Decorating
Repair / maintenance
Minor DIY
Moving / Lifting
Sewing / Knitting / Mending

Accompanying People to Appointments
Buddying - Active (walking, cycling etc.)
Buddying - Chat
Buddying - Entertainment (cinema, Fringe etc.)
Community Singing
Complementary Therapies
Cooking / Baking
Cosmetic Treatments
Dog Walking
Doing Errands
Games (mah-jong, bridge etc.)
Listening and Visiting
Pet Sitting
Random Act of Kindness
Reading Aloud

Coaching (life, career, sport etc.)
Computer/IT lesson
Food / cooking
Foreign Languages
Handcrafts (crochet/ jewellery making etc.)
Music (guitar, piano, singing etc.)
Professional Services

Local Exchange News

Welcome to the ‘business end’ of Portobello Timebank. This is where we record time spent exchanging services between members. Members can also write their bio, and advertise their ‘offers’ and ‘requests’, and if these are promoted to the homepage, we include them in our weekly email update to all members, to save having to log in here all the time.

We welcome new members. All we ask is two personal references, that you live in or somewhere around Portobello and that you are 16 or over. We have a social side, with events and community projects to give members the opportunity to meet and get to know each other. For more information, including how to join, see www.portobellotimebank.co.uk We are also on Facebook and Instagram



Tell us how your last exchange went using admin@portobellotimebank.co.uk – it’ll be anonymous.  

"The session with Lorna was very helpful and will be of long-term benefit to me. She explained the exercises really well and ensured I noted the details for future reference."

"Without Graham's help my unit would still be sitting in the box! He put it together with no input from me! Really appreciate his expertise."

"I would recommend Joan to anybody who likes foot massages. She was polite, courteous and professional."

"Manpreet has provided brains and muscle building a raised bed with me. We got the job done, and also had some fun while doing it. It took two hours to complete a job that could have taken me a week. Thank you, Manpreet!"

"Graham was fantastic and helped me do exactly what I wanted to do on social media. Thanks Graham. "

"Great to have Sarah do so well sewing which I simply cannot do at all adequately"

"Many thanks to Chris  who did a great job pruning my challenging hedge" 

Of Burn Clean-ups:
"I know it is dirty, smelly work but I can't say enough about how much I love these events, especially the people, all united in trying to make our public spaces better."

"Frank repaired two items of furniture for me. An expert with a smile!  Very happy with the result. "

"I had such a nice time
meeting Frank. He is so engaged, friendly, talented in so many ways and has interesting stories to tell, too! He taught me drilling my precious beach finds and we had a lovely chat. All around a perfect first Timebank experience: Not just the passing on of a skill but also the social aspect of it. Looking forward to more timebanking experiences like this and giving back to the community!"

"Thanks so much for arranging for Joan to text me. Massive kudos to timebank for short notice request and the perfect candidate."
"Maidenhair fern gone from my flowerbed, now the fun bit to plant something new. Thanks Liz"

"Now I have two pcs connected to the internet and a lot of questions answered! Thank you Dick"

"Very pleased to have someone to help with watering etc while we were away."