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We need a diverse membership for the Fox Valley Time Exchange to thrive. Please help by participating yourself and encouraging others to join!

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605 E. Hancock St. Appleton WI 54911

Phone (920) 309-6197


If you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Welcome to the Fox Valley Time Exchange!

A time bank is a network of individual and organizational members who lend help to others and "bank" their hours spent doing so.  A time bank is not a barter network, since two parties don't exchange with each other. One member provides a friendly, neighborly service to another and records the time they gave. Their balance in the timebank increases and can be used or saved for future needs, either of the individual member or of another community member.

We started our timebank in the Fox Valley region of northeast Wisconsin to help individuals and organizations create stronger communities together.

The Fox Valley Time Exchange uses the Time and Talents software developed by hOurworld, but the online platform is just a tool to help us connect and keep track of our activities. Our goal is to meet and involve many more people in creating a vibrant, abundant, resilient Fox Valley community by helping one another and developing new relationships.