Tampa Bay Time Bank

Connecting untapped resources with unmet needs


A simple task for you may be another person’s laborious chore. Consider offering services that you enjoy that come easily to you. What are your skills and gifts? If there are costs for materials or ingredients, these are paid by the recipient. 

Consider requesting services that you need help with, cannot do, or want to learn. What are you curious about? Be as specific as possible about what you need. Include the location, the amount of time required, if there is a deadline, whether or not you can help, and if you have the materials and tools needed. 

As the recipient of the exchange, you will provide any materials needed for your Request. 

Keeping Track of Credits and Exchanges 
The Spring Hill Timebank software website ( is the place to keep track of transactions. If you are an offline member, someone will work with you to record your exchanges on the website. 

Reporting Hours: It is the responsibility of the provider of the service to log in the service given to another member. All services need to be reported as soon as possible, preferably within a week of the date of service. We prefer that you report online, but you may also ask the receiver to post the hours, or you can phone them in to the Coordinator to log on your behalf. 

Members need to confirm the number of hours exchanged with one another, prior to reporting. For fractions of hours, round up to the nearest quarter hour. (For example, 52 minutes of service earns 1 time credit. 1 hour and 10 minutes of service equals 1.25 time credits). You may arrange exchanges with members you already know without posting a specific request or offer. However, be sure to log in the hours so accurate records can be kept and people will get the credits they earn. 

Negative balances are fine: Members do not need to maintain a positive balance of hours. 

Multi-way exchanges: A Coordinator may record an exchange involving multiple parties. 

In the Hourworld Time and Talents software, the providers and receivers of the service exchange the actual number of hours of their participation. For example, if a member does an hour of preparation and then teaches a one-hour class to four other members, the four students will each give one hour and the teacher will receive two hours. The other two hours are a gift to the community and the time bank’s general fund. 

On the other hand, if the teacher does five hours of preparation for the one hour class, the teacher will receive six hours and the four students will each give one hour. The other two hours are a gift from the general fund. 

Money and exchanges: Only hours may be exchanged in the Spring Hill Timebank. Any transaction performed for any amount of money is done outside of the time bank. Time credits are not redeemable for cash. 

Donation of hours: A member may give earned credit hours to another member or to the time bank’s general fund. The time bank’s general fund allows us to reimburse members who complete work on behalf of the time bank in time credits and allows the Advisory Committee to transfer time credits to members who are in need. 

Exchange of goods: Members may offer or request goods to be exchanged for hours. The receiver (not the giver) of the goods will determine the number of hours for the exchange.


Local Exchange News

Our Timebanks want to wish you all a Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, a Merry Christmas, and while we’re at it, a Happy New Year!
The Five Core Values of Timebanking apply to all of these celebrations!
1. Everyone is an asset! Society's real wealth is its people.
2. A lot of work is beyond price, so together, we redefine what work is.
3. Reciprocity is really helping each other; a two-way and more street is always better.
4. Social networks bring joy to all of us; networks are always stronger than individuals.
5. Respect means that every human being – and all creatures and the earth – matter.

As we end this year and begin 2023, we have a lot of good news to share; so here goes!

1. Lee Spurduti and her husband Peter, recent transplants from Rhode Island to Sarasota, are familiar with Timebanks. Lee ran one in Rhode Island and now has begun one with her homeowners association in Sarasota. The Sarasota Timebank, along with Tampa Bay Time and the Spring Hill Timebank, all use the hOurworld software. And with the recent addition of St. Pete coming on board with hOurword, we now have four Timebanks interacting with each other through a seamless software connection. (Previously some of us used other software platforms.) This means that now we can communicate with anyone in the Tampa Bay Region, with just a click on your computer or phone.

Should you do an exchange with someone in any of these Timebanks, it becomes quite simple for you to record hours, look at people’s profiles, or find others with whom you want to exchange
We’ll have some general orientation to this software later in January, so stay tuned.

And welcome Sarasota, to the Tampa Bay Region of the Florida Timebanking fold! 
2. Andy hosts his annual Christmas Dinner at his home, 2:00 PM Christmas Day. Should you not be committed somewhere and not want to be alone, please join other Timebankers and come to a lively dinner with interesting people!  He provides turkey, stuffing, and gravy, along with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. You bring something else: veggies, dessert, rolls, your world famous whatever! Feel free to also bring a guest. Just email Andy about who is coming! (  or 727-517-1148)

3. The Spirituality Group meets Monday, Jan. 2nd both on Zoom and at Andy's, from 2 PM to 3:30 PM. Jim Zorman, our Buddhist Timebank member will be leading us. (All are welcome; we meet 1st and 3rd Mondays. Check us out!)  See below for link -
4. The Spring Hill Timebank will hold an indoor potluck the last Sunday of January (the 29th) from 2 PM to 5 PM.  Let's plan to car pool from Tampa.

5We are so happy to announce that we now have a Florida Timebanks open Facebook Group, created instantly and effortlessly by Facebook asking if we wanted to create a group. Please join. We already have 69 members, and it has only existed for a few weeks. It's an open group to share ideas and events related to Florida Timebanking which includes a great deal.   We remember our 5 key values and open the doors wide to creating community in Florida.


We welcome the Life Center a new member organization,  They have wonderful programs for grief support in our area.

The LIFE Center of the Suncoast, Inc in Tampa, Florida


The Spirituality Group meets Monday, Jan. 2nd both on Zoom and at Andy's, from 2 PM to 3:30 PM. Jim Zorman, our Buddhist Timebank member will be leading us. (All are welcome; we meet 1st and 3rd Mondays. Check us out!)

Quotes for Today!

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got. 
~Robert Brault freelance writer 

More from Robert Brault:
“Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true.”

“The universe is so vast that intelligent life must surely have arisen many times.”

“Anybody who really knows also knows that they don’t know at all.”

As you know, we partner with the Nature Coast Community Services Foundation.

They need our help, especially drivers for a few hours, taking homeless to the doctor, etc.

To volunteer:
Call Ellen Paul 352-600-9555

Andy LePage 727-517-1148
"The unexpected can bring meaning to our lives beyond anything we could have planned — if we make room for it."
~Carolyn Roy-Bornstein mother, writer, and pediaterician

What other wonderful group of community-minded people can you belong to – for free – and through it, develop friendships around the world? Perhaps only Timebanking!  

hOurworld® News

hOurworld News

hOurworld Mobile Time Banking We believe in Open Innovation! We implement the best ideas of our members and coordinators. This broad based co-production model of networking and development affords us all the best tools for sustaining our local communities!

We believe in removing ALL the barriers to time banking that we can. Access to the hOurworld platform is FREE. It is easy for new members to join and learn, and easy for coordinators to manage and report on their members and activity.

We believe in supporting local diversity while maintaining a central cooperative organization to provide accessible support, training, and communications. We are documenting and teaching these models.

We believe that every member have control over their own privacy and content. We operate on private secure servers and HIPAA compliant data centers where all information is encrypted before going out on the internet.

We believe that time banking is one spoke in a wheel of Movements Moving Together. We foster local community organizations drawing together to create powerful local economies as they integrate CSA, Food Co-op, Buy Local, Transition Town, BALLE, CAP and others. The opportunities are endless!

All the Best from hOurworld

Timebanking Fosters Connectedness

The Timebank works by connecting untapped resources with unmet needs while it helps its members focus on sharing and cooperating. We need each other and we recognize that Timebanking’s Five Core Values are firmly rooted in spiritual soil.
Although Timebanking is not a religious undertaking, many people in Timebanking make stronger connections than do people in religion. In the spirit of cooperation people in Timebanking are motivated by the give back principle, relalizing that in giving back they are really paying rent to the Creation!

Five Core Values Guide Our Participation And Decision Making
1. Assets: Everyone is an asset; we all have something to give.
2. Redefining Work: We redefine work to value whatever it takes to raise healthy children, build strong families, care for elders, revitalize neighborhoods, make democracy work, advance social justice, and make the planet sustainable.
3. Reciprocity: Helping works better as a two-way street. 
4. Community: We need each other; networks are stronger than individuals.  When people help each other, communities thrive.
5. Respect: Every human being matters. Respect for all means accountability to all.

Here’s the Nature Coast Community Services Foundation’s need right now:

1. Volunteer drivers to take a homeless person to the doctor.  

2. Drivers to take a homeless person to the DMV to get an ID. Once the person has an ID they can get a job!

3. Volunteers to pick up food that helps feed the people living in the woods.

4. Helpers to cook food which volunteers will pick up to take to the woods.

To learn more about the Foundation, visit their website:
To volunteer, call Andy 727-517-1148.