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Baltimore, MD

Phone (970) 589-4494


If you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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A service exchange or time bank is a network of individual, organizational and business 'members' that provide services, track and bank their hours and then spend those hours to get their own needs met. A service exchange is NOT a barter network, since nothing is 'exchanged'. One 'member' provides a friendly, neighborly favor to another and records the time they spent doing so.

This time bank was created because through our facebook group, we have become a community. This tool will strengthen our community all the while displacing the dollar and promoting equality and social justice.

The driving force for the time bank was to create a childcare ring, because we all know that IT TAKES A VILLAGE, but please feel free to use it for any form of time exchange with our members.

All members have an equal voice. If you have a concern or suggestion, please bring it to light.

Our network spans multiple counties, and as such we have created a group for each county. Please let us know if you do not see your county listed.