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Community Zone - 417 Market Street Lewisburg, PA 17837

Phone (570) 238-1818


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What is a TimeBank?

A timebank is a network of people who exchange services with others in the group - for free! For each hour a member spends providing a service, an hour is “banked” in their account. The member can use this hour of credit later to access a service provided by any other member, not just the member they worked for. In other words, each hour of service provided is logged and becomes the unit of “currency” that “purchases” other services.

These are only a few services people can exchange at the Time Bank!




Dance Classes

Audio editing

Pet Care

Home Repair

Video Editing

Yard Care

Child Care

Music Lessons


Research/ Publishing

Cooking Lessons





Several times a year, the Susquehanna Valley Time Bank hosts a Potluck. They are great way to meet other members, enjoy an awesome meal in groups and hear about other possible offers.

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Community Zone - 417 Market Street Lewisburg, PA 17837


Phone (570) 238-1818


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