CoThrive Time Bank

Peace, abundance and sharing through equality in exchange. A time and service exchange community and network for Northwest Indiana and beyond.

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Leadership Team (Re) Forming
The timebank is member-run. That means we need talented people to help keep us operating sustainably. All work done to support the timebank is eligible for time credit -- you earn hours just the same as you would for helping another member. We need help in the following areas: event coordination, "food fairies" (bringing food to meetings), new member welcome and orientation, website administration, community liaison, fund raising, financial management, etc. If you have a skill you think would help the timebank and it's not listed here, let us know! 
If interested please contact or call 219-405-9482.

Timebank Website Help Needed (unpaid, but you'll earn timebank hours)
Help is needed with messaging and updating the site to better communicate the timebank message. Marketing/writing expertise required. Familiarity with website design also needed. If interested please contact Kathy: or call 219-405-9482.

Local Exchange News

P.O. Box 50 Valparaiso IN 46384-0050

Phone 219-405-9482


If you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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CoThrirve is proud to be a member of The Mutual Aid Network in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit their website for more details. 


  • Thursdays at 7am CoThrive Thought Leader Jam Sessions (online)
    For info on how to join and video recordings of past sessions, visit
  • Member meet up & Picnic/Potluck, tenatively scheduled for Saturday, June 10th at The Art Barn in Valpo, noon - 4?
    We had wanted to do an "Epic Skill Swap" but had very few people show at our last member meet up which was to double as a planning session so we're thinking the fall might be better. Meanwhile, this would be more of a potluck/picnic with some emphasis on skill sharing as well. The date has been reserved for us at Art Barn, but without some volunteers that want to help produce the event, it may not happen. Please contact if you want to help out.