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What is a Time Bank?

Time Banks operate by having members offer their services to other members, thereby earning Time Credits for themselves.  Each hour doing something for others (see below) earns one hour of Time Credit.  That credit can then be traded for any other service offered in the Time Bank network.  On-line software keeps track of each member’s credit hours.  Everyone gives and receives and things get done with no money exchanged. Our community grows kinder and relationships of trust emerge!

What are the benefits of a Time Bank in Muncie?

We are not all on equal footing within our traditional money-based economy.  By contrast, a time-based economy operates on the premise that effort directed towards helping others is equivalent across all people.  Everyone has skills and abilities that can benefit someone else in the community.  Whether those abilities involve tutoring, mowing, pet sitting or guitar lessons (to name a few of the hundreds of possibilities), they all count the same in the sharing system of Time Banks.  All members embrace the goal of helping others, therefore all members benefit through a system that rightfully “pays back” all those who have “paid it forward.”  Far from an economy of inequalities, the Muncie Time Bank reflects a world in which everyone receives the same respect and the community as a whole is stronger for it.

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