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Peace, abundance and sharing through equality in exchange!

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hOUR Economy is a new kind of economy, one that celebrates personal friendships, vibrant community, and a healthy environment. Our vision is to create a local economy in which everyone’s contributions are valued, where we embrace collaboration rather than competition, and where our economic engine heals rather than harms the environment.

We’re not just sharing new economic values, we’re also creating new economic tools that apply those values in real, local, practical ways.

As a Timebank, our members trade hours rather than dollars. You can use this software to record how many hours you've earned or spent (your hours "account"), share services you'd like to offer for hours, or post requests. 

Here, everyone's hours are equal. The energy you give to helping others isn't measured against pennies and cents, but against the hours of the day. Let's make our days full of vibrant, just, and compassionate community. 

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