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Life is better together.

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5602 Fallingbrooks Dr Greensboro NC 27407

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Welcome to Life Together Triad!

We are a growing group of caring people who believe that life is better together. Modern society is so busy with so many choices and distractions that we end up living life as individuals - and losing the many benefits of living in community with others. If we think about it, we all do a lot of the same things to maintain our lives, homes, and families - but we do them separately for various reasons that are driven by our culture (perfectionism, pride, fear, convenience, individualism, etc). Life Together Triad is all about restoriing depth of community and relationships by doing more of our "life stuff" together.

Using the HourWorld software platform, Life Together Triad operates as one of many Time Banks around the country and around the world. The concept of time banks is simple: one hour = one credit. Give someone an hour of your time to help them and you earn 1 credit. You can then spend the credits you earn by receiving help you need/want from others - all facilitated and credits tracked by the HourWorld platform. Everyone's time is considered equally valuable.

The following video from the University of Michigan gives a great audio/visual introduction to the concept:

We hope to see your member application soon! It's totally free to join, and costs only your time to participate - EVER!