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How timebanking works

The concept is simple. Help a neighbour and earn time for each hour of your service. This time is recorded in the timebank as time-credits and then when you are ready you can spend your time-credits on any of the skills and resources that other members offer. In timebanking all time is equally valued.  Timebanking helps us support each other, create connections and enrich and strenghten the experience of living in our our community.

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Sandringham Auckland NZ 1022

Phone 006421522616


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Join the timebank movement

Its really cool. This website is not being supported so please dont join it.

About Timebank Auckland

Timebank Auckland supports the development of timebanks in the Auckland region. There is currently one active timebank in Auckland (that we know of) based in Gribblehirst in Sandringham which you may join or you choose to join the Auckland-wide network.  For more information

Please join using the link above

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