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PO Box 51032 Eugene OR 97405

Phone 541-972-3867


If you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Welcome to First Non-Profit Time Bank of Eugene

A time bank is a network of individual, organizational, and business 'members' who provide services, track and bank their hours, and then spend those hours to get their own needs met. There is no barter or exchange; one member does a friendly, neighborly favor for another and records the time they spent doing so. Members share their talents and services, record their hours, then 'spend' them later on services they want. Everyone's hours are treated as equal in value. 

After seeing a TED talk about how a New Zealand time bank helped its community recover from two major earthquakes, Eugene neighborhood preparedness committees created our own local time bank.  The time bank can foster relationships and catalog resources to help our community prepare for and recover from disruptive events, such as major winter storms, high winds that cause power outages, wildfires, earthquakes, and pandemics.  

Because provides this software at no cost, we are able to offer free memberships to all neighborhood residents. (Thank you hOurWorld!)  We have established our first local branch office in Southeast Eugene, and hope to provide opportunities for person-to-person time banking in neighborhood branches throughout the city.  

This project is supported by Ready Eugene, which refers to the volunteers from preparedness committees associated with local neighborhood organizations, and maintained by Whole Community Support. All within our geographical area are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

hOurworld® News

hOurworld News

hOurworld Mobile Time Banking We believe in Open Innovation! We implement the best ideas of our members and coordinators. This broad based co-production model of networking and development affords us all the best tools for sustaining our local communities!

We believe in removing ALL the barriers to time banking that we can. Access to the hOurworld platform is FREE. It is easy for new members to join and learn, and easy for coordinators to manage and report on their members and activity.

We believe in supporting local diversity while maintaining a central cooperative organization to provide accessible support, training, and communications. We are documenting and teaching these models.

We believe that every member have control over their own privacy and content. We operate on private secure servers and HIPAA compliant data centers where all information is encrypted before going out on the internet.

We believe that time banking is one spoke in a wheel of Movements Moving Together. We foster local community organizations drawing together to create powerful local economies as they integrate CSA, Food Co-op, Buy Local, Transition Town, BALLE, CAP and others. The opportunities are endless!

All the Best from hOurworld