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In the wake of recent events,  many people have been impacted by the sudden economic and social shift as a result of CO-VID19.   With much of the service industry, gig industry, travel and many other professionals out of work, as well as some of our more vulnerable at-risk population needing to stay home and receive assistance with services, now is a crucial time to practice alternative methods of exchange, pay-it-forward, step up, be of service and strengthen our local supply chains and networks in the process.

StarTribe Alliance has recently moved our StarTribe Hours timebank from TimebanksUSA to hOurWorld.  We are immensely grateful to the hOurworld team for providing this platform of exchange free of cost for the purpose of neighbors helping neighbors and strengthening community.

StarTribe Alliance encourages our network in Colorado to use this platform as a tool for resiliency, sharing resources, skills, and asking for needs.

If you are in need of something, state what it is, and if you have something to offer or can help someone else meet a current need, please share on here.

Every act of kindness makes a difference in these times and always.

Thank you for being part of the global collective rising!