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111 Academy Street, University of Delaware, Graham Hall 182 Newark DE 19716

Phone 302-831-8672


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About PAC

The University of Delaware Partnership for Arts and Culture  (PAC) is a leading resource for promoting understanding, well-being, and social justice through arts-based collaborative action within our communities.  Goals of PAC include:

  • Promoting the engagement of the arts and cultural disciplines in designing, implementing and assessing multidisciplinary solutions to social issues e.g. educational, environmental, historical and/or personal, leading to global understanding and social change.

  • Serving as a centralized repository and resource for information regarding current University of Delaware arts and culture community engagement projects and initiatives

  • Working in concert with the other initiatives of the Community Engagement Initiative to establish the University of Delaware as a place where students, faculty/staff, and community partners are deeply engaged in solving the difficult problems of the world.


Who should join?
Anyone! Facully, staff, students, community members, community organizations, and business owners. 

Can a business or organization join?
Yes! The Hour Exchange can help your organization to meet its volunteer needs, reward volunteers who are performing valuable work, broaden the variety of skills and resources you can bring in, strengthen your connection with your surrounding. 

What is the cost to join?
hOurworld is free to join!