Kansas City Timebank

Reclaiming the value of learning through reciprocity in the KC Metro Community.

Learning how to integrate timebanking into your life is easy. 
Think about the tasks that you might need help with and the tasks that you enjoy helping others to learn to do.  
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707 W. 47th Street Kansas City MO 64112

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Welcome to the Kansas City Timebank!

We are a cornerstone equity economics project of the Kansas City Restoration School. 

Everyone in Kansas City should seriously consider integrating time banking as a method for meeting their personal and business needs. All member subscription donations are set on sliding scales, so individuals and households should donate as they are able.  If you would like to join KC Timebank, you may also donate 2 hours to secure your membership. If you are a business or non-profit, please schedule a meeting to discuss how a KC Timebank membership could help you reach your goals. 

The mission of the KC Timebank (KCTB) is to be a community reciprocity hub for the Kansas City Metro Area.

Our goals:

  1. Create pathways to equity-based economics.

  2. Support access to KCRS through need-based scholarships.

  3. Engage KCRS families with KCTB rather than a traditional PTA.

  4. Engage KCRS students in learning about equity and economics through timebank stewardship.

  5. Establish pathways for KC artists, spiritual guides, and entrepreneurs to offer lessons for time credit.

  6. Build a vast eco-system of care across the bi-state region that functions to reclaim that value of time for all people. 

to the KC Timebank via the Kansas City Restoration School Website 

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Help us support the great work at Unity Church and the Temple Buddhist Center!!

Join the effort to bring more reciprocity and wise effort to our spiritual community. Join KC Timebank and earn time credits for your service.

Learn the basics about how to use the KC Timebank

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