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We are a community building program where we exchange our skills, talents and passions.  When you do something you like to do for someone for one hour, you earn one Time Credit.  You may then spend that Time Credit on any of the hundreds of services offered in our TimeBank!  The Kent Community TimeBank opened in April 2010 and continues to grow weekly!  

If you are not yet a member of one of our local community timebanks, you will only have access to this homepage.  To register, you may click on the tab to the right called "Create an account".  After you fill out the online application, follow the instructions and our Membership Coordinator will be in touch with you!

Before being activated in the timebank, we ask that you attend an orientation, which will give you the opportunity to learn more about the concept of timebanking in general and specifically, how our local timebanks operate.  You will also get a chance to see this software before diving in! 

A service exchange or time bank is a network of individual, organizational and business 'members' that provide services, track and bank their hours and then spend those hours to get their own needs met. A service exchange is NOT a barter network, since nothing is 'exchanged'. One 'member' provides a friendly, neighborly favor to another and records the time they spent doing so.


The Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks (CRAT) collaborates with local timebanks and their members to educate, train, and share resources to strengthen neighborhoods and build a web of healthy, sustainable, and interconnected communities in the Great Lakes region. 

The Kent Community Timebank is a hub of the CRAT.