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Nau mai haere mai, welcome to Waikato TimeBank

What is TimeBanking?

TimeBanking is a way to trade time.   Members of a TimeBank volunteer their time, knowing that other people will volunteer for them later on.  They share skills, knowledge, talents and time with other people in the Time Bank community.  In the TimeBank everyone's time is worth the same amount, for example one hour of dog walking is worth the same as one hour of painting, which is worth the same as one hour of teaching.   Anyone can join Waikato TimeBank, people, families, clubs, community groups and even businesses are all welcome to join.  Time Banking is based on the idea that everyone in a community can offer value.

Why Join a TimeBank?

Joining a TimeBank helps you, and at the same time it helps our whole community.   TimeBanking builds relationships of trust, caring and give-and-take.  Through a TimeBank we:

  • Get to know people who live around us
  • Support and care for one another
  • Show people that their skills and talents are valued
  • Promote everyone being treated the same
  • Increase the well-being of people and community
  • Value skills that are not being valued in other ways
  • Learn new skills and share skills with others
  • Grow neighbourhoods and build community safety
  • Give back to the community