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When we are out on walkabout, providing trainings and consulting to local organizations people often ask how they might help us! Here are some ideas on how you could help us do this great work:

Donations of Your Time

  • There's nothing so good as a home cooked meal when traveling.
  • A house stay saves us the expense of a motel.
  • Laundry. We are out for weeks at a time and this is a biggie.
  • Local guide to the local sights. We enjoy getting to know the communities we serve.
  • Frequent flier miles (link to our frequent flier account)

Donations of Your Dollars

  • Meals. $50 would help alot.
  • Motel $100. Usually we stay with those we are helping. Sometimes we are just too far between stops.
  • Miles $0.50 cents a mile for any amount. Gas, Oil, Insurance, Tires, Maintenance are all real costs.
  • A night at the movies $25. Yep, we need down time too!
  • Grocery Store Donation $Any Amount. We'll make our own simple breafast, or sandwiches for in the car.
  • Coffee Stop $Any Amount. Always a treat. You know how bad motel coffee can be.
giving and receiving are the foundations of reciprocity

Thank you!!!