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Janelle Orsi and Jenny Kassan are lawyers looking to help you share at the Sustainable Economies Law Center
The Sustainable Economies Law Center facilitates the growth of sustainable, localized and just economies, through education, legal research and advocacy to support practices such as barter, cooperatives, community-supported enterprises, sharing, local currencies, ecovillages, urban agriculture, and local investing.

Learn more at the SELC website!

Resources Provided By SELC

Dear friends,

You may be familiar with the work of the Sustainable Economies Law Center, but have you ever taken the opportunity to make a contribution?
Below are 10 SELC videos that might inspire you to make a gift. We are doing a big fundraising campaign and we have $5600 left to raise to get a $10,000 matching grant. We'd be so grateful for your support! Here's a link to contribute. Thank you so much!
  1. Raising Dough: A silly 45-second video about our work to raise money today.
  2. A Day in the Life of SELC: A fun 43-second video depicting a day in the life of SELC.
  3. Legal Roots of Resilience: A 4-minute cartoon about legal barriers to creating resilient communities.
  4. Housing for an Economically Sustainable Future: 8-minute cartoon about cooperative housing law.
  5. Economy Sandwich: A 9-minute cartoon all about the legal grey areas that arise in the sharing economy.
  6. Citylicious: A 9-minute cartoon all about legal issues that arise in connection to urban agriculture.
  7. Share Spray: A fun 5-minute animation about how sharing will transform the world, made in collaboration with the Center for a New American Dream.
  8. Legal Eats: A 14-part video series on legal topics relevant to starting a community-based food enterprise, made in collaboration with the Green Collar Communities Clinic - featuring more cartoons!
  9. Think Outside the Boss: An 8-part video series on legal topics relevant to starting a worker cooperative, made in collaboration with the Green Collar Communities Clinic - featuring more cartoons!
  10. The Legal Landscape of Social Enterprise and the Sharing Economy - featuring SELC's co-founders Jenny Kassan and Janelle Orsi - featuring more cartoons!
Are you inspired by SELC's work? Or just want us to make more cartoons? Either way, we'd love it if you could join us by making a contribution to our work! Here's the link again: http://www.razoo.com/story/Selc-Spring-Matching-Grant-Campaign

Thank you so much!