hOurworld®️ is an international Network of Service Exchanges (time banks)


an international network
of neighbors helping neighbors

• 43,383 members • 408 communities • 2,204,096 hours of service received!


Trainings are OPTIONAL and are NOT REQUIRED to setup a new time bank!

There are THREE OPTIONS for hOurworld®️ time bank training.

  • 1. We can travel to your community and provide a half day introduction to your time bank, or to a consortium of neighboring people interested in launching a time bank. We recommend large groups. It's more fun and interesting for everyone. Curricula: History, Guiding Principles, First Steps for Organizing, Must Know Legal/Insurance, Samples of Best Practice Models
  • 2. You can choose to attend any hOurworld®️ Immersion Training anywhere in the US or internationally. *
  • 3. You can co-host an hOurworld®️ Immersion Training with the opportunity to become an hOurworld®️ Training Hub. *

The prices vary depending on the location, whether there are one or two hOurworld®️ trainers facilitating the training and the amount of time and contributions from the Host. Typically the training fee is $1500 per day plus travel. We are happy to discuss options with you.

*Immersion works as the name implies. Participants experience training at a local time bank hosted by active time bank members. Every aspect of the training is authentic. Members earn Hours supporting their Exchange by sharing their local story and best practice models, delivering incredible meals and providing local entertainment. Non-profit and business partners demonstrate reciprocity. Movements Moving Together is a natural formation with the inclusion of Transition Towns, Resiliency Hubs, Cooperatives, Buy Local Campaigns and other Allies. Additionally, the training includes a valuable cd that provides over 100 administrative tools including; legal and insurance information; budget models; marketing materials; job descriptions; sample grants and historical documents.

Finally, in a spirit of cooperation we are delighted to announce that this is a revenue sharing model. This means a portion of the training fees are returned to the Host to help with its fiscal sustainability. Just by attending this training you are connecting to other time bank members for reciprocal mutual support. Isn't that the best?

We recommend groups of three or more attend the training. Why? It's more fun and there's a lot of great information to digest and three heads are better than one! hOurworld®️ training is conducted by Circle Leadership to root the Guiding Principles of time banking; Equality, Reciprocity, We Each Have Gifts To Share and We Are All Precious!

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