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Linda HoganMeet Linda Hogan. Social Architect, Storyteller

Linda is a Social Architect and Storyteller who was raised in a large family in a small, rural, college town in New Hampshire where the creation and practice of community currency was a valued norm.  Relationships – true social security—are her definition of wealth, and exchanging time with others is her authentic lifestyle

Linda has been a non-profit administrator, community organizer and social architect working in the communities of New Hampshire and Maine for over 30 years. Her stories and skills have been shared around the country at conferences and in living rooms with kindred spirits.

She is a happy founding member of hOurworld, and previously served as both a board member and Executive Director for Hour Exchange Portland and as a consultant to TimeBanksUSA.

Dear Friends,
I'm writing to share the news that after six remarkable years, I have resigned as one of the three founding social architects of hOurworld® cooperative. hOurworld® focuses solely and continuously on the beautiful way of timebanking. I'm moving on in service to other beautiful ways of community currency.
It's all connected. It's all good.
Thank you for exchanging over 2 million hours of social capital since we launched. We are co-investors and participants of a reclaimed economy that is graceful and just. I hope for each of you the Giving Acts heralded your exquisite gifts and the Receiving Acts took root to satiate your unfed wants and needs. For me, this has always been — and will always be — The Currency of Love.
I've begun the next leg of my journey—to empty the vast collection of stories stored in my heart into a patiently waiting computer. Some of the Tellings and Knowings that are the most precious to me were gifted during my era as traveler and trainer for hOurworld. By putting those stories to paper the sweet cycle of reciprocity continues uninterrupted. Thank you for sharing Time with me.
In Peace & Love,
Linda Hogan

August 1, 2016

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