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Terry DanielsMeet Terry Daniels. Community Co-op Developer, Trainer

Terry Daniels, Community Co-op Developer, combines entrepreneurial leadership skills practiced and honed as owner/operator of several businesses with particular interest and experience in community-based economics.

Community Co-ops allow members to earn and spend time credits through group projects. They create exchange opportunities that normally do not happen in traditional member-to-member exchanges.

Community Co-ops can also be a source of funding for the exchange via grants or projects performed in the cash economy.

Terry helped create two community co-ops, Hour Exchange Portland's Step One Weatherization and Long Island Home Enterprise, a housing renovation cooperative.

Terry loves to see that look in people's eyes, the shift in thinking and believing, when they are opening to a new possibility - realizing a wealth they never valued by asking for what they need and giving whatever they have. Terry goes through this shift himself and wants to share that with others in hOurworld.

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