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ContactOrganization NameFoundedCityStateCountryMembersLast TransLast YearExchanges
ContactOkie Hours 2014Oklahoma CityOklahoma [OK]United States [US]19Jan 2015036
ContactBerks County Community Time Bank 2014TemplePennsylvania [PA]United States [US]12none00
ContactLancaster County PA Strong 2014LancasterPennsylvania [PA]United States [US]28Jun 201403
ContactLehigh County PA Strong 2014AllentownPennsylvania [PA]United States [US]13none00
ContactLuzerne County PA Strong — (Startup)2014West PittstonPennsylvania [PA]United States [US]8none00
ContactMonroe County PA Strong 2014StroudsburgPennsylvania [PA]United States [US]37Jul 2014033
ContactPhiladelphia County PA Strong 2014PhiladelphiaPennsylvania [PA]United States [US]14none00
ContactSuffolk County NY Strong 2014RiverheadNew York [NY]United States [US]13none00
ContactNew York County NY Strong 2014New YorkNew York [NY]United States [US]29Aug 201500
ContactNassau County NY Strong 2014JerichoNew York [NY]United States [US]13none00