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379 Records
ContactOrganization NameFoundedCityStateCountryMembersLast TransLast YearExchanges
ContactPerry Hilltop Fineview — (Startup)2019PittsburghPennsylvania [PA]United States [US]3none00
ContactInsight Kochi — (Startup)2019Kochi Kerala []India [IN]2none00
ContactBANCA DEL TEMPO OLISTICA 2016Mezzane di Sotto Verona []Italy [IT]26Feb 201705
ContactRedGlobal de Bancos de Tiempo 2017Girona Spain []Spain [ES]50May 201709
ContactEast Asheville AIP — (Startup)2017AshevilleNorth Carolina [NC]United States [US]5none00
ContactCommunity Currency 2017Niagara FallsNew York [NY]United States [US]19Dec 2017018
ContactAshland Area Time Exchange 2017AshlandKentucky [KY]United States [US]81Jul 20170224
ContactBetter Alamance Timebank 2017ElonNorth Carolina [NC]United States [US]52May 201705
ContactTijdSparen Bloemendaal — (Startup)2019Bloemendaal Netherlands []Norway [NO]6none00
ContactTimebank Jakarta Barat — (Startup)2019Jakarta Barat Jakarta Indonesia []Indonesia [ID]2none00