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ContactOrganization NameFoundedCityStateCountryMembersLast TransLast YearExchanges
ContactLas Semillas 2022Pine HillsFlorida [FL]United States [US]17Apr 2023015
ContactLake Norman Time Bank — (Startup)2023CorneliusNorth Carolina [NC]United States [US]3none00
ContactForest Reciprocity Exchange 2023BoonvilleCalifornia [CA]United States [US]16Jun 2023036
ContactTidlösa tidbank — (Startup)2023Höör Skåne []Sweden [SE]2none00
ContactThe Homestead Co-op — (Startup)2023KirksvilleMissouri [MO]United States [US]2none00
ContactSmall Business Co-op — (Startup)2023BendOregon [OR]United States [US]7May 2023010
ContactTimeBank New Zealand — (Startup)2023Auckland []New Zealand [NZ]7none00
ContactIntegrative Wellness Collective — (Startup)2023TempeArizona [AZ]United States [US]3none00
ContacthOur Timebank Waiuku — (Startup)2023Auckland []New Zealand [NZ]2none00
ContactBanquete de Tiempo 2023Madrid España []Spain [ES]15Sep 2023030